Two power bitcoin soared 150%: Mrs. Watanabe + Korea retired

Two power bitcoin soared 150%: Mrs. Watanabe + Korea retired

Soaring round after round, bitcoin has the transition from geek early game player for ordinary investors, and in May this round rose, Mrs. Watanabe (a Japanese housewife Investment Group) become a strong power and South Korea retired.

Affected by the low interest rate policy, Japanese retail investors tend to focus on other investment assets, and the recent bitcoin dizzying rise attracted their attention. This year, the Asian stock market rose 17%, while at the same time, bitcoin prices soared by 124%, only a single month in May, up 60%.

Since Japan began in April as a legitimate bitcoin payment after the surge in Japan and South Korea demand for bitcoin, bitcoin transaction price between the two countries is better than other countries

At a substantial premium. Last month, the global bitcoin average price in 2500 dollars, South Korea bitcoin transaction prices topped $4000.

In this round of bitcoin soared, Chinese due to strict supervision by the central bank, bitcoin market tends to be stable.

According to Reuters, currently in Japan and South Korea have created bitcoin related industries, advocating investors bitcoin.

In Tokyo, Seoul and that some of the bitcoin investors conference prepaid $9000 membership fee, and bitcoin reward or other incentives to encourage members to sell virtual currency and attract others to join.

Last month, South Korean police uncovered involving $55 million virtual currency Pyramid scam victims include thousands of housewives, ordinary workers and self-employed operators.

Behind bitcoin chaos is the urgent need to improve the regulatory. South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) said earlier that the special group has set up a special study on the regulation of virtual currency, but about when to release the conclusion, there is no specific timetable. In Japan, the Japanese Financial Supervision Department of the bitcoin exchange, but there is no traders or investors for the introduction of regulatory measures.

According to Reuters quoted officials of the FSA said, “the government does not guarantee the value of bitcoin, we have asked the bitcoin exchange to investors the risk of price fluctuations do explain.”

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