Uber in Argentina was crushed, bitcoin has become the savior!

Uber in Argentina was crushed, bitcoin has become the savior!

The international car giant yuho (Uber) subsidiary in Argentina due to a local government crackdown has turned to bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin startups Xapo told the CoinDesk that the company has reached a cooperation with excellent step, which makes the car company to accept Xapo bitcoin debit card users, whether at home or abroad during the trip, you can use this mode of payment.

The news was first revealed by yuho Argentina subsidiary in twitter, this Silicon Valley startups encounter Argentina’s crackdown, the Uber operations in Argentina is not legitimate.


According to AFP reports, so far, Argentina local police on individual companies were involved in this raid, in addition, the authorities have also taken measures to prevent the local payment providers for yuho transaction.

XAPO representatives said that they think this incident will be the opportunity to promote the company’s products, which will allow users through XAPO debit card use bitcoin payment.

Product manager XAPO AnniRautio told reporters:

“This for all local Uber users and owners, is a victory, and Uber as a company, they will continue to operate in Argentina through Xapo card debit. For bitcoin, this is also a good news: this step makes it the distance by mainstream adoption, a step closer.”

Rautio said that this cooperation is from the beginning of last week, Xapo announced the news, the user of the debit card products of interest also increased.

A local news source said that there are 550 thousand users to download the Uber app, and the momentum is likely to continue.

It is reported that before the cooperation with XAPO, Uber Argentina and other alternative payment companies, including CardNow, Papipago and Neteller.

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