Ukraine’s central bank will use the blockchain digital currency issued by the state, or consider the abolition of cash

Ukraine’s central bank will use the blockchain digital currency issued by the state, or consider the abolition of cash

The possibility of central banks around the world are exploring the use of bitcoin blockchain underlying technology to create a national digital currency. This digital currency movement began in Tunisia, has now spread to Ukraine, Senegal and sweden.

Ukraine’s central bank to consider using bitcoin Technology

The Central Bank of Ukraine (NBU) said it will issue the blockchain digital version of Griff based on Na in the next year, as part of a national non cash economy project. In the early stage, the digital currency will flow with real money.

This move is not surprising, as early as September, the central bank said on the further development of the Ukraine area high-tech financial market, there is a great interest, because it will affect the implementation of active cashless economy project.

According to the financial times, the oldest central banks in the world. The Swedish central bank (Riksbanken) is considering using the same measures, because the country’s cash use rate is falling. But a digital currency is added as a coin, or as a substitute for the discussion is still ongoing. Soon, Sweden may see an electronic currency, “ekrona”, which is a digital version of the block chain based sek.

According to reports, England’s central bank and the Bank of Canada has been discussed by using the block chain technology issued their own digital currency. According to England’s central bank report, reduce transaction costs can make Britain’s GDP increased by about 3 percentage points.

Tunisia is the first block chain technology for national currency countries

At the end of last year, more than 500 thousand people use the Tunisian central bank issued a digital currency eDinar. Then, the country’s Postal Bureau of Tunisia post announced that it will cooperate with DigitUs and Monetas, digital currency and block chain technology in the country combined, this is the first case in the world.

After Tunisia’s footsteps, Senegal announced in early November last year, the country’s digital currency eCFA will block chain integration technology, and the new currency and currency of the country of West African francs with circulation, it is the same with that of tunisia.

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