Ukraine’s largest bank PrivatBank the positive development of bitcoin payment system

Ukraine’s largest bank PrivatBank the positive development of bitcoin payment system
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    according to 报道,乌克兰资产规模最大的PrivatBank银行现在提供给网络零售商一种新的服务,即在比特币转化为卖家账户的法定货币之前,卖家可以接受比特币作为支付方式。

Today, the ChristinaKarmazin Electronic Commerce Department PrivatBank bank issued a statement in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, after completion of the test, PrivatBank bank is now available to online retailers bitcoin this settlement.

Ukraine network magazine Payspace reported in the “cross-border electronic commerce: in Ukraine” published by the press conference.

Essentially, buyers can use bitcoins as payment, but the seller will receive the Griff (Ukraine currency) or euro.

In the elaboration to its new features, Karmazin said:

We have now completed the testing service, traders are looking for willing to accept bitcoin in their settlement page partner. In addition, we also focus on the service to the whole European market including Ukraine.

The settlement process with most online shopping is similar, when reaching the settlement page, the buyer can choose bitcoin as payment. By scanning the two-dimensional code, bitcoin payment began. In order to simplify the settlement process, PrivatBank Bank estimates that Griff or euro exchange rate recently — it depends on the designated currency before the encryption currency into legal tender.

Christina also asked for bitcoin monetary regulatory controversy and encryption. She confirmed that PrivatBank bank has submitted the relevant application to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Bitcoin has in Ukraine is slowly accepted, and according to the survey report recently said CCN, part of the system has been installed in the ATM in Ukraine.

As of press time ago, the bank did not comment on PrivatBank.

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