Ulmart said that the present is the future, the company will accept bitcoin payment

Ulmart said that the present is the future, the company will accept bitcoin payment

Russia is planning the biggest online retailer Ulmart started to accept bitcoin payments from September 1, 2017, now science and technology continue to develop, but also can see, block chain has become more important than the creation of money.

Ulmart now to face the consumer in the form of sale of nearly 150000 SKU (stock). After the opening of the market platform, Ulmart slowly build up their online inventory. To the end of the year, “third party seller” will be able to provide 1 million pieces of goods.

Ulmart chairman and major shareholder Dmitri Kirsti Kim (DmitryKostygin) explained: “Ulmart began to pay close attention to the use of encryption in the Russian currency market and regulatory environment in the early March 2014. When the block chain technology began to enter the us to carry out the fight against counterfeiting activities, we saw three years ago around the significant fade in the mysterious aura around bitcoin.”

Ulmart hasn’t decided which products can be purchased through bitcoin, but the company expects high commodity prices will take the lead in it. Such as second-hand car and apartment goods, could soon be through Ulmart platform offering, and occupy the favorable position to buy bitcoin.

Ulmart chief international officer Brian – Kean (BrianKean) said: “life is always changing. The creation of bitcoin’s aim is to provide security against hard currency fluctuation. Encryption technology has been behind the currency through the Internet of things (InternetofThings) quietly entered our daily life, and brought an important moment for “we cannot be rejected.”. In the block chain in the world, the future, as a leader, Ulmart has to go in front of the market. We welcome the Russian government has shown in the technical aspects of the evaluation of bitcoin intention, and hope to cooperate with the Russian government in this regard. Ulmart such as bitcoin’s plan to become a part of efforts to develop “intelligent” economy and the city, and hope to be able to play an important role in this process.”

ULMART introduction

Russia’s largest private Internet Co Ulmart focused on the development of e-commerce. The company was founded in 2008, headquartered in St Petersburg. Ulmart has more than 450 infrastructure in Russia’s more than 240 city and town (distribution center and self advice).

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