Understand the truth, you will feel that the future of bitcoin and prospects?

Understand the truth, you will feel that the future of bitcoin and prospects?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Recently, bitcoin prices fell very badly, but still let many people give up, because many people still believe that bitcoin future can grow to a very high price, so their confidence comes from where? In fact, only from their own inner desire for money, a lot of people bitcoin have no understanding, is want to make money, is the real money, there are a few?

We can look like this, if very trust for bitcoin, so coins, he can not trade, do not rely on bitcoin currency to make our reality, what thing to do with the digital currency to trade how convenient a thing is what we have and with the exchange of currency, bitcoin is not the future don’t want to do this thing?

In fact, all the people involved in bitcoin is not to let bitcoin can become a trading thing, but see bitcoin prices soared all the way, she went in to make money, want to rely on bitcoin money only, so the question is, I said there are good prospects bitcoin in the future, bitcoin will not collapse, the reason is very simple, if all the coins, then the whole people are optimistic about the bitcoin bitcoin circle does not appear on the selling, only buying if anyone really optimistic about bitcoin, then you would have to pay the corresponding price, only one willing to sell, one reason is so simple, if bitcoin will fall as evidenced by a lot of people appeared selling, and people who buy than sell less, then led to the bitcoin crazy down.

As long as we understand the relationship between supply and demand, because it can be a very good way to explain the bitcoin moves up or down, just like the previous bitcoin in the concept of speculation crazy at that time a bitcoin skyrocketing, because there are a lot of people believe that bitcoin can have a very good the future, no one to doubt that bitcoin will fall, but in fact we see, from the beginning of 2017 bitcoin crazy rise, then rose to $20 thousand or so a way down, until now fell to $more than 3000, so it is able to prove that one reason is. Now many people have started in the future of bitcoin is not optimistic, even some people have started to give up reluctantly, because the quilt inside there are too many people!

So in the future, bitcoin will certainly be a great decline, and now digital currency on the market is more and more, the blockchain technology can be said to be not so crazy, not so mysterious, many people are now aware of this thing, and not like the rumors that can be achieved a platform of global communication, because it is not itself bitcoin trading system, are all on the third party platform for other transactions, so in the future, these institutions have no power to do this thing, we can consider, but also began to implement a system of a transaction fees the.

I believe that in the future the same laws and regulations is to a certain degree of control of the digital currency, we should always keep in mind that we are living in the real society, rather than to the virtual world, we really want to use the money is used for trading, rather than take to speculation, understand this truth, you it will not be a dream of getting rich for digital currency and lead to their loss or deceived. For the future of bitcoin, you have what kind of view? The comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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