Undervalued? Foreign investment bank said bitcoin will be a strong return

Undervalued? Foreign investment bank said bitcoin will be a strong return

A few years ago bitcoin fame again struck, sparked concern, the day before, a foreign investment bank said in a report, bitcoin prices are now at least 58% undervalued. The report of bitcoin valuation is $655. Yesterday bitcoin disc soared high, announced bitcoin trading network offer, bitcoin prices shot up to $420.47.

A bitcoin game player said, bitcoin has signs of recovery. He buy bitcoin is not much, only a few, in August last year when buying price is every 1569 yuan, yesterday morning has become 2753 yuan, “since February this year, has maintained a steady upward trend.”

Bitcoin is a concept proposed by Japanese Nakamoto, he describes a use of computer network, a method of creating bitcoin “secret currency” by a company or a bank, the hook is not associated with any real money, but in the real world can be used to purchase goods and services. That is to say, bitcoin is around every corner of the world “mining” and the computer. The bitcoin system will continue to give the computer game player with the so-called “toil problem” – that is, no shortcuts, thanks to selling is the topic of toil to death. Who will make the first you can get a certain number of new currency — the equivalent of issuing the same amount of money. Then you can keep the money, or sell for cash.

From 2010 to 2013 for nearly three years, bitcoin market rose 13333 times a year since time Ribet currency prices began to fall. In mid January 2015 had dropped to $177.28, compared with $1242 in November 2013 highs, prices fell by 86%.

From the beginning of February this year, bitcoin began to slowly recover, data show that in 2016 February the whole month bitcoin prices rose 15.08%, led the global financial products. March 6th bitcoin network average per day Total transaction amount more than 500 million yuan.

Why bitcoin recently began to recover? In January this year, the central bank held a symposium on digital currency, said it had set up a special research team, for the early launch of digital currency issued by the central bank. The evaluation for the central bank’s move was “ice breaking”, because the digital currency can even as the gold standard era “gold”, the future is expected to become a general equivalent of the Internet era “”. This is undoubtedly a major good news for the entire bitcoin industry.

However, this “recovery” did not allow holding bitcoin investors excited, “rose was very happy, but also not ready to hold for a long time, after all this virtual currency, who is to say.”

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