Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

If there are No. So it is not urgent. – Introduction

Last night, a major event.

[01] you are not a person in the winter

In December 20, 2018, CBNT news, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that 19 local time the target range for the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to 2.25% to 2.5% level. This is the fourth time this year, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, in line with market expectations.

The economic forecast shows that quarter of the Federal Reserve released the same day, the Fed expects economic growth of 3% this year, slightly lower than the September forecast of 3.1%; the Fed expects the U.S. economy in 2019 will grow by 2.3%, slightly lower than the September forecast of 2.5%.


The Federal Reserve this year raised interest rates fourth times to raise interest rates to 2.5%. This is expected. It is worth noting that the Fed slightly lowered its expectations for U.S. economic growth is expected next year, will raise interest rates 2 times, less than expected in September 3.

Although the coin ring body is small, and the shares and A shares, Hong Kong stock market completely than not. But after all, this is the same in winter. Even the most powerful American Eagle, also appeared to be slightly a bit “Dove”.

The coin ring is not a person in the winter. Although the digital asset market chill, but with the traditional capital market relationship is not broken, and become more critical.

While the ordinary leek, we are most familiar with the traditional capital market, the company is a bit tight,.

The rumor is the 800 times, or rumor ridden, bit.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

[02] no money? Super rich!

I do not know why, there have been some bits, the negative rumors, one of his most popular and most serious is that bit, lost a lot of money to cut funding chain.

There are even some articles to calculate how many bits of a long and minute statement, therefore, the loss of money.

This kind of reports, don’t say it right or wrong, there is money to count does not know.

This year 9 month 27 day, bit, on the Hongkong stock exchange website disclosure prospectus. According to the calculation of the prospectus data, in the second quarter loss of $395 million.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

Lose money? Lose money. But lose money and capital chain problem, is completely different.

What is the capital chain? The capital chain is cash flow Cash flow, also includes cash equivalents. But do not contain digital assets, not what we put in BCH.

We also see in the prospectus, the end of June this year, a bit light will have $343 million dollars in cash (note not including digital assets).

…… It seems not to lose? Wrong! Leave the financing cash flow is bullying ah.

According to the survey found singularity consulting, July 2017, do a bit A round of financing, valuation of $1 billion 100 million, nearly $100 million. In June this year the B round, the valuation of $12 billion 100 million, $more than 200 million, but $44 million is in July before arrival, so at the end of June of $340 million in cash is not included in this $44 million. In August this year and made a round B+ round of financing, valuation of $14 billion, $440 million.

This is a simple math problem, 3.43+0.44+4.4=8.27 bit, now has $827 million in cash.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

The second half of the bit, also lose money? According to this way is still good. According to Tokengazer forecasts, the second half of the bit, to burn $100 million. (the article on the CBNT, Mr C carefully, that is, bits of the capital chain problems, so don’t worry about this number underestimates the.) But even at the end of the 100 million’s, there are still 727 million dollars in cash.

Note that this is only cash, excluding digital assets! Even if the money is worth nothing, it also has $727 million in cash in the account.

Not really do not know, it is a really rich.

Really, the block chain industry can have so much cash, Shebite, the who? According to the first half of 1 burning million to calculate, even if the subsequent financing are not a penny, also can burn for 3 and a half years, far away from the capital chain rupture!

[03] mine on the bit, bad? Favorable!

Now the mining industry, with the “scholars” in the words to describe:

“Some people resign homecoming, someone who went to the starry night.” That is to say, some people back, someone.

Have a good understanding of people back. A force from the highest 60EH fell to 33EH, its off a lot, the difficulty is just lowered, specific MR C in the previous article “bitcoin suffering: mine comes, no one knows how to spend” said, do not go into details.

In short, low price of its currency is certainly influential manufacturers. “Three mills” – the new machine, and what bits and core move according to the current price is difficult to sell, because of you. The one-time investment is too much, and it is difficult to cycle back.

So, the S9 bit machine advantage is reflected: cheap, high price.

An estimated $an internal report at the end of November, with low price to bring ultra high static rate of return on investment, the price is still king S9.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

Since last month, with force, clearing price and currency ore prices continue to decline, the price advantage is more obvious S9.

According to the CBNT information, 9 9 new S9 1500 yuan can now purchase a large number of. To 1500 yuan S9, assuming electricity 0.35 yuan, so now the price to cover the full cost, that is to say, in other Niubi not cost-effective machine case, S9 mining is to make money. So some large mines are in charge of second-hand S9. Some 0 of the cost of electricity, but also in the deployment.

We said before someone quit someone. Enter in the S9.

More Than This。 The new machine M10 to S15 bit, what the threat is quite large, S15 using 7Nm technology to achieve 56W, M10 60W and 7Nm 16nm technology, cost 1 times more expensive than 16nm. While the machine is actually a card pricing, return to push down the miners.

So if you do not cut, the new machine, the S15 bit is relatively not what competitive advantage, but S9. This leads to a result, bit, too much in the first half of the stockpile of S9, many people thought to decline after S9 stock reduction plan for 0, but now see, rather than sell the new machine.

Mine the slightest bit, the taste of blessing in disguise, almost laughing.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

[04] listed out? Don’t worry!

It is a very Chuanchang new rumor. Today you see:

In December 20, 2018, CBNT news, the South China Morning Post, two anonymous sources said that the Hongkong stock market regulators, before the appropriate regulatory framework in place, any digital currency trading platform or associated with the business through the IPO in Hongkong is still too early to raise funds. The South China Morning Post said, the mainland and other bits of digital currency company plans to launch IPO, the current situation may be an impassable obstacle”. 18, the Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman has said, IPO bit reluctant to approve the rumors.


…… “Impassable” sounds already yellow. In fact, this is the South China morning post:

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

One day before this, foreign media have reported that the Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman said, IPO is a bit reluctant to approve the rumor.

This is exactly why?

The actual situation is not consistent with the anecdotal rumors. It is found that the singularity Consulting survey, for a bit, IPO, the Hong Kong stock exchange market cycle is not sustainable, what to consider and, more than BCH, but the Commission’s Sandbox management and new rules.

In other words, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange hope until the Commission (HKSFC) specific regulation on assets out later encryption.

Neither up nor by reason, is also very reasonable.

Previously, Jia Nan Yun Chi and two giant mill Tianhe International Impact IPO setback, mainly because the company’s own problems, and can not be said to have universal industry. Now it seems that the mainland is the largest bit encryption currency listing possibility.

Bit, submit the application to the distance over the past 2 months, and 4 months of waiting time and participate in the HKEx hearing. So, you tell me what’s the hurry?

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

In addition, we have not thought about, bit oneself really rush?

Not necessarily.

The important financing bit continent? Very important, from the second section, we already know the financing in cash, significant bit stream. If the bit, no B and B+ financing, may really very anxious.

If there are No. So it is not urgent.

This paper first said that the Fed rate hike. The United States shares and Hong Kong stocks go into it, especially in technology stocks for the worst. Not to mention the digital asset.

 Unfortunately, the 3 bit, rumors turned out

Risk assets are now in the “kill the valuation”. In this case, even if the bit, listed, it is in no hurry to market. Now, not only the valuation can not go up, also can easily become the object of short, short to give the opportunity to go short, and cast B round and B+ round investors are not willing to.

Sure, if you can, bit even want to wait until the bull came again.

Really, concerned about the continent bit people eat melon, may not really understand the capital market play. Never mind about it. Bit, must understand. It is enough to understand.


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