Unicorn future! Intelligence chain – to create a new creative economy

Reporter: pencil boxn
What is a smart chain?n
Zeepin Chain – A blockchain-based public facility dedicated to creating the first decentralized, shared new economic community that allows everyone to find the resources they need globally to launch innovative projects , Invest in projects and earn value returns.n

The essence of a shared economy should be to put the truly idle and redundant resources in a peer-to-peer manner so that each participant can reasonably pay and benefit according to the appropriate method. And we know that blockchain technology advocates weak control, decentralization, tampering and coupling, and it is complementary to and complementary to the shared economy. Shared economy based on blockchain will be a brand new business model!n
The intellectual chain first proposed the concept of “Sharing New Economy”, a kind of social change driven by blockchain technology.n

Smart chain CEO: Zhu Fein
Zhu Fei, founder of Zeepin Chain, put forward three core points of sharing the new economyn- Everyone shares, to the center of trust, low-cost matchmaking.n

The cultural and creative industries are composed of three parties, creators, producers and consumers. Each of them supports the development of the entire platform. However, in the past, there was no means to make their incentives coexist and be consistent. In the Zeepin network, users can choose to participate in every aspect, such as investment projects, such as buying more ZPT tokens to gain more rights to vote.n
Smart chain – what kind of problem to solve?n

Protect copyrightn
Designers who have done friends will understand that a pair of styles of ordinary sports shoes prices will be a few hundred dollars, while in the upper to make a hook (Nike Logo), the price will be turned ten times, several times … … Creative Cakes can be infinite value-added, which is the strength of the brand, which is the embodiment of cultural value-added, which is why intellectual property must be well protected.n

To know Japan’s industry survey each year because of the infringement of the share of 32.8 billion yuan. Copyright infringement is particularly serious in the Internet era. Copyright management is the lifeblood of the industry. The works are not protected, let alone the full value of the creation. Creators’ enthusiasm is greatly affected.n

In the intellectual chain, for each author of the affirmative, a digital asset called “copyrights” will be issued through the blockchain, and the full life cycle of such digital assets is supported by the intellectual chain, including copyright The sale, transfer, co-author copyright distribution, copyright through each confirmation as a right transaction recorded in the blockchain with the right transaction, the transaction clear author information, copyright information and creative themes such as Hash content.

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