Upstream or drift? 2017 bitcoin also rose?

Upstream or drift? 2017 bitcoin also rose?

Reported that bitcoin is an important characteristic of this round rose, a group of before and after 2014 the “old man” in the market, from 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan, a considerable number of people out of the game, become this round of market takong, and more boldly into the market is the wave of the “new Chinese chives”. This round of adjustment is still, more is the voice of the market return to reason, but many people lose hair ta”. Anyway, this round of volatility will attract from the government to the ordinary people more attention.

This round of the main market like markets are saying that China is leading investors in the market?

A senior investor said, “I always feel that the domestic exchange trading volume, does not necessarily mean that the domestic and foreign forces are doing, individuals can also directly or indirectly in the domestic exchange operation. This round of market is that there was a good time, the main reason is the devaluation of the renminbi, while global currency relative to the dollar in the fall. Bitcoin’s attraction is that it can be used as a safe haven asset reserve assets.”

It is worth noting that extreme movements with bitcoin echoes of the recent slump in RMB offshore market boom in Hongkong. Before bitcoin ups and downs, for bitcoin controversy was again enlarged. Previously, the opposite has never stopped.

At the same time, the Bulls quoted expert opinion outside the field of digital currency, said the price of bitcoin future will steadily rising. Reggie Middleton is the founder of the blockchain company Veritaseum, he will think of coins and gold analogy, for ordinary people, 1000 dollars to buy a bitcoin seems too expensive, but the current bitcoin’s market capitalization is only $about 16000000000, while the market value of all gold reached nearly $7 trillion, once a bit the coin has been widely popularized, the market capitalization of $1 trillion is to be not at all surprising. The next ten years or twenty years, currency price is likely to reach $100 thousand. Take your hands currency, bitcoin prices in 2017 may reach $2000.

Of course, Public opinions are divergent. whether experts or, each one airs his own views, or analysis. Just for reference, to give investors a suggestion, Xiao Bian believes that more and more people pay attention to bitcoin, bitcoin for a trust, confidence is still a good encryption monetary prospects, but how to decide or upstream drift, or in the hands of investors themselves.

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