US banker newspaper: Ethernet Square network congestion exposed “growing trouble”

nnnRaiders Comment: A variety of ICO projects based on the ether square network, making the ether square network tokens – to Taibai prices, was once considered to be beyond the bit currency, as the largest encrypted currency. But it is the upward momentum of the currency to make the ether square network overwhelmed, the transaction rate of decline, leading to the price of currency fell. So that people once again aware of the importance of network expansion, the current tower team has been dealing with the issue.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBased on the ether square network of virtual currency to Taitong may be tired of their own fame.n
nWednesday’s stack of Internet congestion, resulting in lower transaction costs, making the price of the currency fell, people began to worry that the combination of central computing and encryption technology, has not yet reached the mainstream of maturity, even if more and more investors catch up with This number tokens.n
nPrices fell to $ 328, or 9.5%. Earlier this month, the price of Taoyuan reached a new record of $ 402.n
nAlon Muroch, chief executive of CoinDash, an encrypted currency trading platform, said that a series of ICOs based on the ethertop network increased the amount of currency orders to raise the bottleneck of the network.n
nn”Bubbles and Depression are sometimes good.”n
nnVivny Lingham, founder and CEO of Civic, discusses the bubble in the money market, the ICO frenzy, the correct way to sell token, the future of digital identity, and the security of the banking system.n
nMuroch said, “Many people also want to transfer to the ICO smart contract, deal with these transactions longer. More and more people will apply this new technology to the limit.”n
nMobile Communications Platform Status, Distributed Computing Network SONM and De-Centered E-Sports Event Management Platform Gilgam is a number of projects based on the Ethernet Square network, which is raised through digital tokens.n
nBulk trading orders piled up, resulting in encrypted currency exchanges by Bitfinex and ShapeShift paused for the Ether Square deal.n
nBeginning this year, the price of ethertop has soared from $ 8 to $ 400, largely because of an increase in the number of ICOs based on the network because the Ethernet network supports activities that are more complex than Bitcoin. So that the market value of the tower to rise to 31.3 billion US dollars, bit market value of 44.7 billion US dollars, making it speculation that the Pacific Square will soon pass through the bit currency as the largest encrypted currency.n
nThe day of the network delay proved that the field must be further developed to support capacity and demand upgrades. Muroch says the developers are already working on this.n
nn”It is an accident for the people involved, but there is already a road map that keeps it going and keeps growing.”n

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