USAA to expand the pilot project of bitcoin and full open

USAA to expand the pilot project of bitcoin and full open

USAA announced the expansion of its bitcoin integration, to allow all account holders to link to their Coinbase account, and can directly view the Coinbase from the official website of USAA’s account balance.

USAA bitcoin in November last year and Coinbase integration pilot project.

According to USAA news release, USAA said the pilot project last year was very successful, and said this month may launch the corresponding mobile app support.

In a statement, USAA leading enterprises to expand investment partner Jon? Chorak (JonCholak) said that he is very supportive of this technology more widely deployed, and called USAA from a very early start to support bitcoin technology.

“Traditionally, USAA is very good at grasping the emerging technology trends and cutting-edge technology, we are developing now is the financial services industry.”

USAA also participated in the Coinbase in 15 years at the beginning of a record $75 million C round of financing.

USAA’s bitcoin integration pilot and choose to further expand the scope of the pilot, because their customers have a lot of bitcoin active users, this is also the key reason why the investment of Coinbase.

USAA was founded in 1922, is a diversified Challenger Financial Services Group Ltd, service objects including Texas regulators, banks and their subsidiaries, family investment and insurance services and the U.S. army. 被评为2015年《財富》全球最受赞赏50家公司之一。

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