Valley College paid $28 thousand worth of bitcoin ransom to hackers

Valley College paid $28 thousand worth of bitcoin ransom to hackers

According to foreign media reports, a university in Losangeles to pay a sum of $28 thousand worth of bitcoin ransom to the hacker attacks in January 3rd, the site in the school after the attack of students and teachers were unable to access their account. Losangeles Valley College Newspaper “TheValleyStar” on Friday reported that the school students and staff files, email and information system by hackers locked, hackers threatened if not pay the ransom within a week, they will delete all data. In order to ensure the normal school computer system, finally had to pay the ransom to the hacker.

Network security expert PhilipLieberman said in an interview with CBSLosAngeles, the school actually did not have much choice. He added that the Losangeles Valley College suffered attacks have been very common, hackers have been launched in Eastern Europe and the United States repeatedly attack. He said: “in fact, this is a very large, organized transnational group, U.S. law enforcement authorities also understand this, but only in our country and their countries reached an agreement to stop them.”

Losangeles Valley College is under attack for three days to pay ransom.

At present, Losangeles County Police cybercrime authorities are investigating the incident.

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