Venezuela to accelerate the adoption of bitcoin, known as the “help” currency

Venezuela to accelerate the adoption of bitcoin, known as the “help” currency


Bitcoin has now become a part of many people’s daily life in venezuela.

Whether it is food, buy tickets, or pay employees, bitcoin now is a Venezuelan common payment method. Frankly, many people in this country rely on encryption currency survival.

The survival of the fittest

The hyperinflation of the Venezuelan currency Bolivar almost not worth a hair. Tens of thousands of ordinary people have begun to turn to the crypto currency world, in order to save their savings in the few remaining value.

A JohnVillar Venezuelan, he experienced the currency of the country become worthless, so he insisted on using bitcoin to deal with all of his dealings. He said that the choice of digital currency is not a political issue, but the problem of existence. For any mobile phone with smart people, bitcoin transactions are relatively fast, such as LocalBitcoin and Colibit website is a Venezuelan through local bank account transactions bitcoin exchange.

The actions of the government

Encryption currency has become so popular, even President NicolasMaduro also proposed a government supported version, called Petro. Members of his government and Venezuela bitcoin entrepreneurs meeting to determine the currency’s mode of operation. Although few details have been announced, but many bitcoin world skeptical committee. Pull the end seems unlikely to believe that a digital currency they do not trust the government issue.

In Venezuela, the so-called “currency crisis” desperate to help Venezuela may be buying behavior.

In the past two years, Villar has been unable to find his wife drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis required in this country, paralyzed by a shortage of the public health system is not uncommon. On the contrary, he bought them in the use of foreign coins, and send them to Venezuela express service.

The authorities basically allow bitcoin transactions in Venezuela, but they tried to dig bitcoin people heavy fines and detention. For Villar, the risk is especially high, not only is his business. The former enterprise biometric technology engineer, is your financial future in charge of a “PepeCash” alternative encryption currency on game development.

In an industrial community in the east of the capital in more than a dozen employees working in a small office with computer. All received a part of salary pay with bitcoin. His wife is an engineer, most are now sitting in a wheelchair.

“At the moment, I do not have a var.”

Representatives from other digital currency projects such as Dash, has been trying to make the Venezuelan people familiar with a series of encryption currency. This fall, Dash held 12 free conference in the country, to raise awareness.

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