Vice president of Alibaba holds bitcoin, the Alibaba?

Vice president of Alibaba holds bitcoin, the Alibaba?

With the 2017 launch of bitcoin futures, the legitimacy of bitcoin and diversity will be improved, now may revisit the bitcoin large coffee fans. Under their influence, their companies will use digital currency? First, let’s look at Huang Mingwei, senior vice president of Alibaba (BrianA.Wong), if under the influence of his Alibaba, the use of bitcoin, may influence should not be underestimated.


Like the time you will burst the news * * * companies to accept bitcoin payments “, people are concerned about the large business and financial enterprises whether there will be big action of digital currency, Alibaba and its founder Ma Yun (Huang Mingwei’s boss) name is often linked to people and bitcoin. Amazon and Lotte are the same, it seems bitcoin and in cooperation with the electricity supplier is a heaven-made match, not just a matter of time.

Alibaba is a group of business and financial giants in science and technology, its volume is bigger than WAL-MART, is one of the world’s largest Internet Co. With over 50 thousand employees, operating range of up to 200 countries, 2017 revenues of $23 billion 800 million.

Nevertheless, Ma Yun still looks bitcoin indifferent. He said in a recent discussion, and I did not know what bitcoin, this is not what feel shy “.

In view of the government over the years Chinese bitcoin questioning attitude, the answer is not surprising. After all, Ma Yun in the world is also very well-known, is the most famous entrepreneur Chinese.

Alibaba internal bitcoin believers

Since February 2014, Huang Mingwei served as vice president of the Alibaba group, 1999-2012 in the Alibaba, but at other positions. He is one of the earliest 60 employees of Alibaba, is also the first in the inauguration of the American ali.

Over the years the media to take photos of Jack Ma wherever he went, Huang Mingwei always with me, that is what Jack Ma decision, Huang must know.

CEO Huang Mingwei is a Hongkong based investment company SeacliffPartnersLimited, the company specializes in the seed round of investment technology and hotel catering company. He is Hongkong’s economic and political affairs commentator, once photographed with Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying.

But… He is a bitcoin holders.

A combination of one of the two industries are most concerned about is the Seacliff Mr.Bing of Hongkong (old gold), through his investment company, Huang Mingwei became a partner of this company. Old gold is a small pancake restaurant in central Hongkong, with bitcoin fans activities and well-known, and installed in 2014 in Hongkong’s first bitcoin atm.

However, it is a matter of the 2014. The station contacted Huang Mingwei, asked whether he is an active member of the bitcoin community. He said:

“It is a pity, because more energy in the Alibaba, I rarely direct contact with bitcoin. While I was in Hongkong a bitcoin related fund investors, in addition to me and no other bitcoin contact.”

“Little contact”, in other words, one of the top Alibaba Huang minwax may to some extent, still bitcoin holders. But in the official level, this and he is separated in the Alibaba’s work.

In spite of this, the two part would have been separate? Huang Mingwei is clearly on the digital economy reality has a profound grasp of the strategic decision, if the Alibaba open digital currency if he is undoubtedly the most trusted person.

Is expected in 2018 will open more bitcoin soil of Xinjiang

This article did not mean that Huang Mingwei can, or should have a clear plan to launch the service in the Alibaba encryption currency. But only bitcoin believers occupies an important position in such a world’s largest e-commerce and financial technology company, this fact is very impressive.

The question now is what kind of situation will create the ideal conditions for digital currency? Japanese department store has to accept bitcoin payments, the United States well-known derivatives market today also opened bitcoin futures trading.

Although the Alibaba is China enterprises, but also a global industry giants, there are a lot of opportunities to try new possibilities. As Le Tian and Microsoft, through the subsidiary slowly began to accept bitcoin.

And digital currency bitcoin has experienced rapid development in 2017, regardless of the price trend, we have good reason to believe that 2018 will continue to expand the new field.

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