Vietnam bitcoin company Remitano will expand its bitcoin settlement services

Vietnam bitcoin company Remitano will expand its bitcoin settlement services

Since the birth of bitcoin, has been the settlement by incredible interference. All over the world every year settlement industry for more than $500 billion is considered the world’s most expensive commodity.

Remitano company has announced that it will in Asia to expand its business, such as Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania. Remitano is a start-up company started in Vietnam Hu Zhiming City, and then began to use in the Seychelles, settled in Babylon to provide services solutions limited. Now, Remitano company to provide settlement services to 10 different countries including Australia, Britain, Chinese, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States and Garner.

Although Vietnam indicated in the bitcoin aspect is very vague, but from the beginning, Remitano is still considering become Vietnam’s most active bitcoin exchange (Bitcoinexchange).

A notice by Vietnam initially released in February 2014, officially announced that bitcoin is not legitimate, not protected by business or consumer law. In October 2014, three bitcoin brokers were arrested, but because bitcoin for any legal control does not assume any responsibility, the judge dismissed charges. At present, Vietnam banned the possession and use of budget institutions bitcoin.

For example, Vietnam bitcoin foundation limited the implementation of the budget and there is no organization, Remitano, prosperity. Through the efforts of Remitano, bitcoin has made progress in Vietnam, and the Bit2C collaboration with Israel for a long time. Because of Vietnam’s Remitano and bitcoin to encourage the establishment of a private bitcoin business center, so the agencies have to figure out how to avoid digital currency controls work outside of vietnam.

As of now, Africa’s biggest supplier Bitmari wallet and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe established a general settlement permit. The competition between African settlement providers, such as Remitano and Bitmari, will add additional returns to nearby economy. Extension organizations like Remitano will further bitcoin application to typical world of daily life, which for several countries, marking the standard bitcoin may choose prospects.

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