Vietnam will put bitcoin legalized?

Vietnam will put bitcoin legalized?

Vietnam and bitcoin is very unstable.

Just a few months ago, Vietnam was also a focus on bitcoin Ponzi scheme to get confused in mind. Scam promise is not fulfilled, a lot of loss of money can only learn from the vietnamese.

Since bitcoin appeared for the first time in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government for bitcoin launched repeated warnings. This is like Russia, Vietnam and bitcoin is also trying to keep a safe distance, it think bitcoin will stir up trouble and lead to crime, now bitcoin remittance system has already spread throughout South asia.

So why Vietnam suddenly changed the attitude? According to reports, Vietnam is now in a legitimate bitcoin currency and encryption edge, lawmakers are looking for ways to bitcoin regulatory activities, with new rules allowing it to be used for non cash payment. If Vietnam really legalized bitcoin, Vietnam will and the United States, France, Germany, Canada and Japan and other countries to stand together, all of these countries have taken for bitcoin currency regulation and encryption.

For most people, the legalization of bitcoin is a good news, but it is difficult to eliminate the occurrence between Vietnam and the past digital currency is not happy. On the one hand, in the use of bitcoin attitude may tempt tax evasion, corruption, bribery and other illegal acts. At the same time, Vietnam as Coinify and BitcoinVietnam “basis for cooperation”, only from this point is not easy to see the true position of vietnam.

At the beginning of this year, BitcoinVietnam became the first official Vietnam bitcoin exchange, it cooperates with the Coinify to the Vietnamese people to introduce bitcoin transactions. Coinify CEO MarkHojgaard BitcoinVietnam said the Vietnamese people accepted the road laying bitcoin, at the same time the team is very pleased to become a part of the change process.

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