Visit bitcoin private key by brute force Large Bitcoin Collider

Visit bitcoin private key by brute force Large Bitcoin Collider

Recently it has been reported that an organization called LargeBitcoinCollider by brute force way access to 3 with bitcoin private key, here the so-called brute force, which is on the way to the exhaustive algorithm of luck.

As we all know, bitcoin private key is displayed in 64 hexadecimal number sixteen (in the binary number representation is 256), then crack all bitcoin private key is 2^256, which is about 1.15792*10^77.

Currently has a number of bitcoin address, 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v is the most, the number is about 128439.83709770BTC.

So, how many have guessed its private key probability? About 8.637*10^ 78, at present, the whole network has a number of coins of the private key is about 13 million 500 thousand, of which more than 1BTC of the private key is about 400 thousand

Even if we refer to the 13 million 500 thousand private key as 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v behind this address “won the first prize in the private key”. Then the probability can be obtained guess bitcoin is 1.166*10^70.

But there are also bitcoin stakeholders put forward different views, they believe that violence is not cracked bitcoin private key in, but the computer work, fast computer can calculate a second to 100 million units of private key, they thought of using computers to break the private key probability is very high.

– look at Motherboard, LargeBitcoinCollider brute force organization access bitcoin private key for about a year, through 3000 trillion (3*10^16) of a private key. That is to say, the average of about 950 million per second computer traversal (9.5*10^8) bitcoin private key.

In this calculation efficiency, the computer per second guess one prize private key probability (9.5*10^8 * 1.166^1070), equal to about 1.1 * 10^61. The number of bitcoin so to first prize to calculate the private key contains LargeBitcoinCollider, brute force organization 24 hours with brute force to get the number of bitcoin expectations about (1.1 * 10^ 61 * 128439 * 86400 (BTC) (s)) =1.22 * 10^-51 (BTC).

– professionals believe that this result shows that the LargeBitcoinCollider brute force organization in this way is similar to a crack, bitcoin private key, even if the brute force organization with a life time, I won’t get any bitcoin even if it is a (the smallest unit of bitcoin).

But the report said that the organization has met 3 containing a small amount of bitcoin private key, the winning rate actually higher than the theoretical value of 9, 09 * 10^44 times.

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