Wall Street forecasts bitcoin will continue to madness: $100 thousand

Wall Street forecasts bitcoin will continue to madness: $100 thousand

Wall Street strategist Tom Lee (TomLee) said in an interview Wednesday, bitcoin currency can be an easy job to do this encryption to $100 thousand price range. It is reported that the bitcoin currency is close to $11 thousand on Wednesday morning.

“It is like a small company valuation.” Tom Lee said, “I think the next 10 years, the new millennium generation will put trust as a substitute for gold. So, bitcoin is essentially another generation of digital gold.”

If bitcoin reached the gold market value will reach $25 thousand 5% “. Tom Lee added, “but 5% seems too small. Can be calculated according to 10% or 15%, then bitcoin can achieve an easy job to do the interval of 100 thousand dollars.”

Earlier this month bitcoin cautious, Tom Li Shangzhou will bitcoin target price in 2018 from $6000 to $11 thousand and 500. He said Wednesday that in the early development of bitcoin, he mistakenly regarded as a currency.

In addition, earlier this week, former hedge fund manager Fortress Michael Novoglatz (MichaelNovogratz) is expected at the end of 2018, bitcoin will be “easy” to break the $40 thousand mark.

Bitcoin prices in recent weeks continue to hit record highs, and accelerating the trend of rising. The value of $8000 about a week later, the bitcoin currency on Sunday exceeded $9000, and $10 thousand on Tuesday.

But from the beginning this Thursday, the price of bitcoin, staged a roller coaster trend. The United States Eastern time Tuesday night bitcoin currency exceeded $10 thousand mark after hours, and the bitcoin currency exceeded $11 thousand on Wednesday morning, and hit a record high price $11388.33. But then the bitcoin currency with sharp decline, fell to $9290.30, down more than 18%.

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