Wanda Group unveiled the first single chain block attention to the field of Taxation

Wanda Group unveiled the first single chain block attention to the field of Taxation


“The first one can achieve small goals, such as making it one hundred million”, some time ago Wang Jianlin’s words inspired the people of the heart, inside the Wanda Group always sounded the horn, the endless drum.

Wanda has from a real estate business transformation has become a comprehensive service group covering finance, culture, tourism, sports and other business level, has been adjusted to commercial, cultural, network, finance four major industry group. In Wanda in 2016, Wang Jianlin put forward the strategic plan for the new. In mid November this year, Wanda network technology group involved in the design and preparation of the block chain and application of distributed architecture technology reference books.

The Wanda has a small goal is to achieve everything in good order and well arranged.

Recently, according to the Chinese securities network reported that Wanda Wanda Group’s network technology group (hereinafter referred to as “Wanda”) and 100 at Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the Baiwangshan shares”) for “blockchain + tax” and “block chain + supply chain” and other common goals reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation.

Wanda network and Baiwangshan shares jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides give full play to the role of business and resources in their respective fields, promote cooperation “blockchain + electronic invoice tax integration solutions,” block chain + supply chain solutions for the application of pilot projects landing, promotion, publicity, operation. Wanda will join the Baiwangshan network building based on the blockchain tax ticket integration platform – “Wanda e account through”. The product will be for tax services, electronic bills, paperless contracts, certificates of deposit and derivative financial services to provide integrated solutions, with the help of the blockchain distributed shared technology books for enterprise customers to bring efficient operation flow, automation of business processes, paperless and low energy consumption as the core advantages.

Wanda Group earlier layout and network technology has already started driving chain wheel and big data block strategy for scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the upgrading of massive digital entity application scenarios, providing the block chain platform independent and controllable for industrial entities, to the user as the center of the scene, block chain industry and partners in building cooperation and win-win. Wanda as a foreign super network books a member of the board of directors and the lead unit domestic ministry blockchain technology standard, establishes a system in accordance with the independent, safe and controllable, a block chain industry leading technology and application solutions provider.

A small target: Wanda Group unveiled the first single chain block attention to the field of Taxation

At stake is 100 domestic leading “Internet plus tax” cloud service provider platform, establish the Baiwangshan cloud services platform to provide comprehensive financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, 100 Wang Yun for large group enterprises to provide one-stop tax + electronic invoice management, input tax integration solutions. The Baiwangshan cloud to provide a one-stop service platform for the invoice management of small and medium-sized enterprises, realize the life cycle management of paper invoices and electronic invoice, to help SMEs to achieve integration, paper ticket bill management, billing point limit, limit a management, help enterprises from false invoices, convenient management of small and medium-sized enterprises. Looking for mobile cloud 100 billing integrated service platform based on mobile Small and micro businesses to provide safe and reliable customers.

Wanda Baiwangshan shares will join the network and actively explore the application of new technology, aims to build a “new advanced technology ecosystem Internet + tax and supply chain management. In the future, technological innovation will lead the business development as Wanda network and Baiwangshan shares common development concept, Wanda network and Baiwangshan shares will be based on the “100 Wang Yun” and Wanda “Hercules” blockchain cloud platform for product integration application and promotion of sincere cooperation. Cooperation will Wanda industry “entity + high-tech transformation as the starting point, to enhance the efficiency of industrial cooperation, and gradually expand the sales management, billing, VAT tax declaration, for reimbursement, collaborative supply chain services, consumer finance and other scenarios of cooperation.

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