We have nowhere to write assets, and a new high on the occasion of bitcoin

We have nowhere to write assets, and a new high on the occasion of bitcoin

The number of open for several years, there has been no writing, mainly do not know what to write, in accordance with the classic rule of the operation of the Internet, there must be the classification and depth and characteristic, so this problem is a consideration for several years, it is time to leave Beijing, you just write one, but I did not expect burst a fine, and later wrote a few articles, always want to what to write, then figured out their own number, no matter, previously registered the name “geek power”, mainly on new technologies and all kinds of cool things are very interested in, so I want to introduce some new stuff all right, but to introduce today is already too new stuff, but found there are still a lot of people do not understand, right when the science.

Last night to see a message, said bitcoin has reached a record high, quickly opened a trading station to look, my God, BTC the price of RMB has reached more than 8000, the last time so high, or 4 years ago, it was that the technology innovation, I lost interest the renewed curiosity, opened the offline wallet, fortunately, a few years ago bought several coins still, but actually there are hundred Wright coins (LTC), it also get rid of the small sideways at the location, approaching one hundred yuan price, a windfall ah, but after the surprise to think about, or BTC LTC is what causes inflation?

Give white friends to look at the popularity of this thing, what is the first BTC (bitcoin)? The full name of BTC is BitCoin, a geek’s name sounds from the name, you can see that it is used in a bit in the world, so what the hell is it?

To answer this question, we first look at the traditional currency, or what specific point is that we usually spend the currency, RMB, dollar, yen, belong to the legal tender currency is legal tender currency, it is a national issue of statutory equivalent exchange, the currency composition of our now the financial world, before World War II, had been just substitute for gold and silver, as human activities have become increasingly frequent, gold and silver have been unable to meet the increasingly fast trading needs, just now hundreds of billions of dollars in financing, if the payment in gold and silver, the cost to high, that is the currency of the golden age, a piece of money how much money is pegged to gold, specifically, the country has much gold, how much it can print money, instead of the corresponding price and designated as legal tender.

The currency of the golden age

However, World War II broke an old world, the new pattern of the world at the beginning of creation, is one of our history textbooks across the key knowledge points change Buleisendun system was established, and this is what a ghost? Is simply the United States after World War II, the strength of jacksan (winning the fight snatched N gold) become the gold reserves of the country’s largest post-war, so all his younger brother don’t hoard so much gold print money, so my cattle breaking, your money and my hook, I used the gold reserve and home to guarantee, in the era of a thousand things wait to be done with remnants of World War II, allied leader, successfully reached the agreement, the us from the corner of the second tier countries before World War II, to rise and the dollar is become the world currency.

Buleisendun system participants bigwigs

从此,其他国家印票子都要盯着美元,每印一张票子米国都要支付相应的黄金给这个国家,可是好景不长,到70年代时候,随着德国、日本的经济强劲复苏,美国有些力不从心了,加上深陷越战的泥潭中无法自拔,导致经济开始走下坡路,索性1971年直接宣布美元与黄金脱钩,也就是说你印钱是你自己的事,老子不管了,而同时又在积极的布局所谓的美元本位制,即通过各种手段把国际货币基本单位搞成美元,好比国与国之间不管是买方便面还是拆解过桥款都要先换成美元,为了获得这个铸币权,美国可以说是穷尽心思,大宗商品比如像石油一定是要用美元结算,谁不用揍谁,鼓励国内各种金融创新,做大金融市场,吸引资本流入美国,而世界警察这个角色的目的,从金融角度看,也是为了维护这样一种霸权,从此以后美国可以高枕无忧的印钞票,而单却是由全世界 To buy, so why the United States to raise interest rates around the world are nervous, because this represents the wave began to pull out the wool, even to the core interests, it can start a war, man-made political tensions affecting the country’s economic development, so the capital driven into safety in the United states. The universal value of these things, people think it is good to see, if there is war, certainly to dollars to fight, whether it is from the war in the Middle East or the South China Sea, the crisis can be discerned.

American greenbacks is strictly by a private agency to issue specific, can look at the “currency war”

Similarly, the current world currency actually has been out of our traditional impression of how much gold printing money, it is a piece of paper by the central government according to the situation of economic development of printing, so what is the problem? If some organizations, such as the Fed, ignoring the economic law, is to a large number of printing tickets, what will happen? For inflation, we usually say that money has gone down, inflation is a very hidden wealth, in the invisible between our wealth will be greatly reduced, as the reform and opening up million households, if this guy has been his ten thousand pieces of money in the bank, 30 years after he was expected to cry dead, and another if smart enough, is sure to put the money out, only investment is likely to catch up with the speed of printing presses, which also explains why the house of God, why the stock market will be a cattle bear, why prices to stabilize, to control, if not to control a huge opening gaps. Money casually which flows to the people’s livelihood, will be dead.

Well, pull away, come back to the topic. The traditional legal tender such a capricious play, just as the Nobel Laureate in economics, the famous economist Hayek said: “history is basically the national inflation process”, he also put forward the multi currency competition theory, popular understanding is that he believes that money cannot and should be the government of India, India India enterprises and even individuals. Then a variety of monetary competition. This look not so reliable things, finally in 2009 was born, it is bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a point-to-point network digital currency, through block chain technology, to achieve full network broadcasting accounting, and the total fixed, is a center of payment. Is not a bit messy, a little ignorant? Never mind we are a popular understanding, past government money is printed, the first government is how much gold, how many printed notes, then it is not with the gold linked, so the money is sometimes printed more, sometimes less is the center of India, the organization says, that there are people who want to have a recruit, I engage in a network, all connected into network devices is a node, every few minutes out of a giant difficult math problem, all node devices are beginning to solve the problem, the right people reward 50 coins, a total of 21 million, each correct answer will appear, the whole network the radio, all nodes on the tip will keep on this account, even if a node is destroyed, can still be found in other books on the node. In this way, it can avoid the various XX games like tokens and the center of the currency issue, all of which are transparent bitcoin traceable, that is to say that the money printing mode is only produced by all people recognized, aware of this, you can determine, this is not “money” the manipulated (of course, 51% of the calculated force problem after deep talk).

最早是在2009年,一个化名“中本聪”的牛掰人物,设计了比特币的原型,并且把这个网络开源了(就是开放源代码,谁都可以用),随后在极客圈、自由主义者中流行起来,而伴着07、08年的世界金融危机,这种理想主义的货币进入了更多人的视野,它发行透明、去中心化、无法消灭、匿名、免税、免监督、无国界跨境各种优点,都让它成为了拯救货币信用危机的良药,我相信,很多人都是在13年那波比特币大涨中,认识到了这个东西,然而虽然有这么多好处,但是当中国玩家进入后,还是给理想主义上了堂课,大量的炒家进入,由于整体盘子小,出现了暴涨暴跌,很多不理解原理的人,把它和郁金香泡沫庞氏骗局相提并论,我也是从那时候起,逐渐不太关注它,因为一个完全由炒作者控制的市场,根本谈不上投资,然而在心里却对这样的理想主义,或者说非常极 Customer behavior is admirable, so put the coins into the hold offline wallet, do it today, see again, did not think it withstood the toss, climbed steadily from the beginning of more than 1000 to 15 years, reached a record high point, for this I am very satisfied with the curve this is consistent with it, the original design, so why bitcoin has returned to the line of sight of people?


Bitcoin rising

While the domestic point of view, the trend of economic development of L, coupled with our super big government policy, and the strong stimulation is to ensure the chicken fart aphrodisiac, where a lot of hot money to produce? Buy, all kinds of restrictions, and the government has not watched all the house from the ground into the stratosphere to the stock market, speculation, since the last time after the stock market crash will not come back to life, but not a mature market, investment entities, the downstream channel means we are tough days, it is certainly making money is not good. At the end of last year, there are so many rich people in fact by the advantage of BTC: fast, anonymous, without borders, a large number of handling RMB abroad, in dollars, also bitcoin prices have a significant role, leading the country to the strict control of the trading platform, but the state does not make it illegal, just don’t let out from the domestic currency, this shows that our government is also worried that once bitcoin really potential, if we ban, then in the next generation of financial competition, may suffer, I think the development of such control bitcoin, is a good thing.

The shortage of investment, or do not know how to allocate assets, in order to achieve capital appreciation, is an anxiety all the middle class now, we not only stop to buy a house, can hope to preserve their wealth, which is why the predicted prices are always face. From the political point of view, the real basic has not much space, many people do not know that the money where to go, this may also be a cause of bitcoin trading market is rising, even some people predict the future bitcoin a value of $500 thousand, as the owner, I expressed cautious optimism but I believe that as more and more countries to accept it, the introduction of appropriate regulatory policies, bitcoin plate will be more and more, and the bigger the plate Republicans kept the more difficult, the corresponding price will be gradually stabilized, and then force the soaring price of bitcoin will show the shock rise the situation, make a pessimistic assumption, if it happened one day when the rapid devaluation of the currency, such as large-scale war, and all your currency with legal tender payment and settlement of things (like the house), will keep the original value?

In this era of scarce asset allocation, if you are a geek, if you believe the blockchain technology, I think it should be properly configured some of this digital currency, what do you think?

(this article from “king is a geek, does not constitute any investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious)

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