“We pay big point to survival: 800 million overseas investment losses, causing rumors run away

 We point to pay big overseas survival: investment loss of 8 billion, triggered rumors run away

The currency market from the bull market to bear the “roller coaster”, “pay the big more than 30 investment projects with a loss of 800 million.

Shanghai Puxi CBD, “pay the bulk of its 1000 Fund recently closed, LBTC GJ trading platform, he participated in the investment (lightning bitcoin) was also passed the team has been disbanded, and owed wages. The GJ community is the staff Taoxin anger filled, we guess “big pay” may run away.

“Not just going to run away, the fund will be moved to San Francisco.” In December 20th, the “big pay point” on the planet Odaily daily said.

The coin ring bear market panic is still spreading, as currency circle early well-known investors, “he also wants to pay big open overseas survival road.

800 million investment losses

“Run away” 1000 fund, pay the bulk of “run away?” The evening of December 18th, WeChat group began each coin circle crazy pass this message.

According to the revelations, “pay big fund, thousands of square’s block chain investment fund GJ trading platform, LBTC has the same day.

According to sources, thousands of party funds due to the recent quantitative trading, engage in futures trading, 4 accounts had been long bitcoin, the warehouse explosion, the loss of 800 million yuan. At present, 1000 Fund Office has been empty, suspected GJ was shut down, run away; defaulted employees one month salary.

After the news, LBTC (lightning bitcoin) prices fell 20%, many people went to the thousand fund office to find out, found the door tightly, the door still had a carabiner, the house lights closed. In addition, GJ trading platform also shows the system maintenance, stop service.

Thousand fund empty


 We point to pay big overseas survival: investment loss of 8 billion, triggered rumors run away

GJ platform to stop trading

The daily planet Odaily on the matter to the “pay big” confirmation, he said, every fund does a loss of 800 million yuan, but this is relative to the highest point, and mainly for investment losses, and losses are not futures warehouse explosion.

“About 30~40 investment projects, the biggest loss in the POKE project, for 500ETH, there are now 3 bitcoin, this is the largest loss.” “Little big pay”.

Then he added: “the main or etheric Fang fell badly, not enough time left; explosion loss about 20 little bitcoin.”

To run away rumors, “pay the bulk” response, and did not run away, just transferred abroad.

“Please help the 1000 fund before the Sequoia Fund compliance lawyer do the structure, probably spent 8 months in a foreign country.” He said the next step is to develop in the direction of compliance, focus mainly on foreign.

He disclosed that the fund can accept $1000, because they are talking about cooperation and a fund in San Francisco.

Why is the GJ trading platform suddenly closed? “Pay the bulk” explanation is given as he received strict supervision, investors have some pressure, so close, as for specific reasons, it does not want to talk about. For GJ investors, “the solution point pay big team is given a coin”.

At present, the “coin” has been in advance, back about 150 Ethernet fang. When open again? “Little big pay” did not give a date, “these days will re open.”

The dissolution of the team, employees pay talks without the door

Although the loss of 800 million yuan, but the “pay big” said 1000 fund is still profitable, “according to the calculation of the etheric square, can probably profit 4 times.”

Since there is profit, not on the brink of bankruptcy, why the sudden dissolution of the team?

“Pay the bulk of the explanation given is that a fund performance this year is not ideal; on the other hand, the domestic policy is tight, the most extreme cases even hold (digital currency) is illegal.

The dissolution of the team easily, but the aftermath is completed? A screenshot from the official GJ community, GJ platform staff requirements “pay big pay wages.

“Wages? Please pay us back.”


The official GJ community Taoxin.

For the GJ trading platform default employee wages issue, “pay big” that they only GJ platform investors, GJ personnel, finance, office address independent. It is understood that the “big pay” as investors invested 10 million yuan to GJ platform, and the financing of millions of dollars.

“I have not even shares, had agreed with only token, I am not corporate shareholders, in accordance with the law is not my responsibility.”

But according to the GJ platform for staff to reflect, some documents GJ was looking for “pay the bulk of the signature, so you can view it as the management of the company.

“Pay big” explained that he invested a lot of projects, and provide a venue to hatch, signed by the financial expenditure is only used to play money.

GJ “why do I have to pay ah, this project is the founder ah, you to him. I am responsible for financing, investors can be guaranteed to me.” “Pay big” defended.

Study on the legal Chinese bank director Xiao SA to the daily planet Odaily said, there is no strict significance of this event in the “investor” concept, the investor has been identified as the legal “shareholders”. In general, the main investment company to its shareholders, not liable for the damages.

But there are exceptions, if the bankruptcy found that shareholders are not real, you need to bear the liability for compensation in the insufficient part. For example, if the subscription amount is 1 million yuan, paid in capital 100 thousand, shareholders need to pay the difference between the 900 thousand, bear the responsibility for compensation within the surplus.

An anonymous lawyer told the daily planet Odaily said, even if the company’s registered capital and paid in capital, but if there is evidence that the shareholders use enterprises engaged in criminal activities, also need someone’s shareholders shall bear the liability for compensation.

In other words, if there is evidence that the “94” after the GJ trading platform is still in the country engaged in digital currency transactions, is suspected of illegal things, shareholders may need to bear the responsibility for compensation.

In fact, more than GJ platform wage arrears, “pay big” under the banner of the 1000 fund also owed wages situation.

In this regard, “pay big admitted that the team did not quantified according to the instruction (operation), resulting in a loss, so do not pay.

Beijing crown law office lawyer Zhou Xuliang said, if you can punish employees for violation of the unit system, but wages are not illegal.

Once the “preacher”

“Pay big”, real name Zhang Yinhai, worked in a state-owned securities company, 2013 turnover business, has invested the new currency, yuan, IOTA, quantum chain, small ants and many other items, get a good income.

In August 2017, the “little pay big” led the establishment of the blockchain investment fund fund 1000. It is understood that the fund size of about ten million yuan, financed by “pay big” and some of his friends, the main investment project to the center of the storage network of Genaro, than the original chain Bytom, day Delphy, original Primas, Cybex to the center of the exchange, the only chain Vechain, Loopring, and ATMatrix, the value of communication community Meagan etc..

In addition, 1000 will hatch some of the blockchain early in the project, deep financial chain had won the angel round of investment 1000 10 million yuan.

If, in 2017, “pay big” identity just “investors”; in 2018, the “big pay point” has a new identity – the blockchain preacher.

During the Spring Festival, 3 o’clock sleepless blockchain lit the first fire dog chain block. At 3 o’clock the sleepless blockchain group members of the shift, each share a theme, share after the other group members to answer questions, the year “host” is “rotating pay big”, his share is bitcoin yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

Thus, the “little big pay” completed the transformation of identity, appears frequently in various summit site, who plays the role of blockchain preacher as we spread the blockchain, “not to block and block chain chain” idea also to bring some cool and hot market thinking.

Today, thousands of party funds flee overseas is the Countermeasures for regulatory uncertainty, but also to deal with blockchain winter hobson. Thousand fund home, other funds will choose, we can make nothing of it!

As of press time, the “little pay big GJ’s trading platform has reopened to the center of the exchange transaction, but when to open the LBTC version of the white paper can make nothing of it, the draft has been completed.

“The new version of the white paper (released) should be less than a month, to the center of the exchange complex……”

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