What do ordinary people think of bitcoin in the social survey?

In our present life, there are many new things. These new things not only make us familiar, but also make us feel strange. Some people claim that if you seize these opportunities, you can become rich overnight. Can such an idea really be realized? Xiaobian has done a social survey on bitcoin. Of course, such a survey is relatively small, but it also shows people’s attitude towards bitcoin to a certain extent. First of all, Xiaobian conducted random inquiries on the street, and then classified and sorted out their views. Xiao Bian’s first goal is to enter the construction site, because there is a real estate development project nearby. At 11:00 every day, these workers come out of the construction site and rush to eat. Xiaobian made a squat and waited for about an hour or so before the workers finished work for dinner. When Xiaobian mentions what bitcoin is, most of the older workers don’t know what bitcoin is? Even some workers think that this is a kind of online game currency. The young workers said that when they saw similar news on their mobile phones, they all said that they were very profitable, but what was the specific situation? He still doesn’t know. After Xiaobian’s impassioned explanation, they all felt that Xiaobian was a liar, and bitcoin was just a kind of fraud. They generally believe that if there is no pie in the sky in this society, how can we get something for nothing? As for the second goal of the small edition, it is the students. Therefore, Xiaobian specially found an Internet bar, now students play online games or quite a lot. As a result, the small editor in the Internet bar, six different grades of students were asked. To my surprise, these students are very familiar with bitcoin. Even a younger child knows bitcoin. Finally, we analyze the rise of bitcoin. They believe that this is a very technical thing, we must understand the market rules, they believe that only by learning the relevant professional knowledge, we can become rich. The third goal of Xiaobian is to make friends who are engaged in Internet work. They are very familiar with and understand bitcoin. Some of them have benefited from bitcoin. Within a few months, they have doubled the amount of investment, and they also persuade Xiaobian to join in. Xiaobian does have some heart, but reason tells Xiaobian that investigation is the hard truth. After understanding the profile of Xiaobian, it is found that they are quite different from what they said. They not only did not make money, but also lost a lot of money. Xiaobian’s internal information is learned from their children and wives. The four goals of Xiaobian are the master of the park, because Xiaobian believes that there are masters among the people, and their views are often very incisive. As Xiaobian expected, they not only speculated in stocks at ordinary times, but also made in-depth analysis of special currency in their spare time. They have a good understanding of the relevant technical terms, and even give a brief introduction to the emergence and development of bitcoin, and have more confidence in the future circulation and development of bitcoin. They think that knowledge is the power. However, they also remind those who do not understand to do not touch this industry, because there is a lot of water in it. Especially when many people are following the trend, this is the most dangerous time. If you are careless, you may lose a lot. The fifth goal of Xiaobian is the teacher. Xiaobian went to the basketball court next to the family building of the school. As expected by Xiaobian, with his good skills, he soon got familiar with them, including not only teachers but also principals. They are not optimistic about the special currency. They think that this is a virtual bubble economy, which has no practical significance. Even if it rises temporarily, there should be artificial factors in it. This kind of man-made and controllable behavior is more like speculation. At most, it is a game of the capital market. Once the attention is lost, it is worthless. Xiaobian’s social survey has some limitations, but it also shows the ordinary people’s views on bitcoin. Xiaobian is just trying to restore the reality. After all, the limitations of ordinary people’s knowledge and their understanding of professional knowledge are very few. They can only understand it through the Internet. Therefore, there will be certain errors in their understanding. Finally, Xiaobian would like to say that under Xiaobian’s investigation, only a few people have benefited from bitcoin, and most of them have lost money. For the analysis of bitcoin, everyone has their own opinions. They even think that they know the truth of things, but is the truth really like that? Xiaobian left this answer to you. What do you think of bitcoin? Hope to leave a message in the comments area. The above pictures, from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author in time to delete.

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