What do you think about the bitcoin boom?

Bitcoin has soared to more than 34000 U.S. dollars. A bitcoin is worth more than 200000 yuan. Owning 100 bitcoins is more than 20 million assets. Many people’s mentality collapsed. Most of them complained that they didn’t buy bitcoin when it was the lowest price in the history of 3000 yuan. They missed a chance to become rich. Their words were filled with regret and resentment. This is actually a gambler’s mentality. The reason for the bitcoin boom, as I’ve already said, is the result of the falling dollar, but I want to talk about something else today. I bought a bitcoin a few years ago. I just wanted to experience the buying and selling process and know how this new gadget is. After I bought it, I forgot about it. Now I have completely forgotten the password. However, I don’t care at all. I have never planned to or have any interest in getting wealth from this kind of thing. I believe I don’t have this life. After decades of hard life experience, I have developed a kind of cognition: what is easy to get is especially easy to lose; the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to lose. In the process of starting a business for many years, I have always warned myself that I should never focus on making one-off quick money. Instead, I should try to establish a complete and virtuous business system. I can steadily earn 100000 yuan a month, which is healthier than making one million yuan at a time but there is no way out. Once you make quick money, you will feel excited. From then on, you will deny the positive side of life and the precious personality of diligence, tenacity and assiduousness. From then on, you will have path dependence. You always want to make a big one, and next time you will make a bigger one. You will always want to retire before the age of 30 and lead a life full of money. This kind of hyperactivity is also easy to distort your personality, you will indulge in the exciting taste of life, to gamble, to night clubs, to drugs. But if you manage a company and a business seriously, what you gain is a totally different sense of steadiness. In this process, you not only gain money, but also business skills, business awareness, team spirit, value judgment, etc. When growing up, I feel warm not only myself, but also everyone around me. Fill a person’s life, not only money is so simple, there are more rich and more complex things to be explored, life has sour, sweet, spicy, salty five flavors, lack of a flavor is incomplete. Of course, we should make money, but we should not let the taste of making money dissipate the other tastes of life. Besides, no matter how much money you have, you can’t spend it indiscriminately. Spending money is like putting salt into your life. If you put too much money, you can’t do it. If you put too much money, life will change from delicious to salty. Over the past 20 years, I have seen too many people who like to make quick money. They make fast, lose more quickly, lose money in a hurry, and want to make faster money. As a result, some of them jumped out of the building, some were in prison, and their families were broken and people died everywhere. For those who have always wanted to speculate on Soha’s life, at most one in ten people has survived on a good life. Those who are conscientious in doing practical things and can persist for ten or twenty years, seven or eight out of ten can make great achievements. It’s very difficult for people to resist the temptation of making quick money. This is mental drugs. One can’t stop smoking. In the world of fast money, only the real banker behind can make money, and there is usually only one dealer. I’m writing this article to tell you that if someone around you is lucky enough to make a fortune by bitcoin, and you are studying for graduate school, getting lawyer’s certificate, engineer’s certificate, customs declaration certificate, and accountant’s certificate, don’t be disturbed by other people’s sudden wealth. Behind his unexpected wealth, there are countless people’s bones, and your hard-working future is the broad road of virtuous circle. A person who only owns bitcoin but has no career is like a country that has oil but gives up industrialization. As we all know, this is just a resource curse. No country or individual will really become powerful. If the rich man shows off in front of you, you should catch the hand that wants to slap him in the face and politely say a compliment. Then continue to work on your normal and upward life. We should be the real master of our own life, grow up from struggle, not become crazy gamblers and sink in the stimulation.

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