What does bitcoin mean to the blockchain industry when it breaks through the 20000 barrier again after three years?

The end of 2020 has come, when everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the new year, the digital money market is also noisy. The price of bitcoin, the leading one, has soared all the way, easily breaking through the $20000 barrier and easily breaking through $24000, setting a new record. In the field of blockchain, bitcoin is always an unavoidable topic. What new understanding will we have about blockchain due to the soaring price of bitcoin? In fact, behind the sharp rise in bitcoin is the objective fact that a large number of institutions and high net worth people have increased their holdings of bitcoin since this year. In addition to the well-known gray level fund, MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software provider in the United States, has also purchased a total of $1.125 billion worth of bitcoin, and there are many such cases. As we all know, the bottom layer of bitcoin is essentially a decentralized database. The underlying technology is a series of data blocks generated by the use of cryptographic methods. Each data block contains a batch of information of bitcoin network transactions, which is used to verify the effectiveness of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. Therefore, it is named blockchain. Bitcoin can be said to be a zone Block chain is the first successful application. The relationship between bitcoin and blockchain is so close, and the rise of bitcoin price actually reflects the strengthening of the recognition of institutions and high net worth people for blockchain technology, and has aroused more people’s attention to the blockchain. Of course, the connotation of blockchain technology is far more than bitcoin, but can be widely used in all walks of life. On the other hand, from the perspective of national policies, blockchain technology will gradually shift from virtual to real. Although the historical fact that bitcoin is the first successful application of blockchain can not be changed, the development of blockchain technology in the future will certainly develop towards the direction of industrial application. Since the 1024 speech, relevant policies have been issued all over the country. Sichuan Province also attaches great importance to the development of blockchain technology. In the future, it will further promote the deep integration of blockchain and real economy, and explore the application scenarios of blockchain in relevant key fields and industries. As a leading industry level blockchain and big data solution service provider, LianBo technology actively responds to the call of the country to develop domestic blockchain core technologies, and is committed to promoting the application and development of blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and related technologies, and building digital infrastructure and data application ecology of a credible digital economic society. Among the many applications of blockchain by LianBo technology, the digital liquor chain traceability and operation platform project is a successful case of LianBo technology’s deep integration of blockchain technology and real economy. LianBo technology creates a digital liquor chain traceability and marketing platform for wine enterprises and businesses. The platform includes e-commerce trading and liquor rights trading platform, which can realize the credit system of L / C, bonus / increase Value mechanism, recharge / withdrawal function, wine chain big data traceability, liquor certificate system issuing function, digital liquor rights futures / spot trading six functions can play an important role in promoting the development of Sichuan characteristic liquor industry. LianBo technology believes that the development potential of blockchain technology will not only break through the $20000 bitcoin again today, but also be applied to all aspects of our life. Chain Expo firmly adheres to and practices the mission of “continuously creating opportunities, values and interests for the society through the accumulation and innovation of technology, application and commerce”.

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