What happens to bitcoin if it collapses in 2022?

In 2021, letcoin and bitcoin jointly achieved a significant rise, which also brought about the potential collapse in 2022. As a successful counterfeit currency, litecoin is now known as the mainstream currency. Therefore, although its trend is different from that of bitcoin, the prices of the two currencies are highly related. If letcoin collapses in 2022, bitcoin could end in two ways. Outcome one: bitcoin depreciates sharply or even returns to zero. It’s only technical factors that can lead to this. If such a drastic change occurs, it will certainly cause a chain reaction. The technical factors mentioned here may be technological changes, such as quantum computers. If the technical advantages of bitcoin and letcoin no longer exist, the workload proof mechanism will be replaced by a better and more efficient mechanism, which will trigger a chain reaction in the financial market. The first is the collapse of various pheasant markets and a large number of leveraged trading defaults. The spillover effect leads to credit crisis. All kinds of subjects are too big to fail, which is another wave of rescue action, which will be the starting point of the next round of prosperity. Finale two: bitcoin is still relatively strong despite the collapse of letcoin. Such an outcome is not caused by technological change, but by technological maturity. Once the workload proof mechanism becomes a social consensus, there is no need to pay for two similar algorithms. In fact, bitcoin’s rise in recent years has been much greater than that of letcoin. Once the cryptocurrency collapses as a whole, the letcoin rate will probably fall even more than bitcoin. Letcoin is similar to bitcoin in principle

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