What kind of computer configuration can mine? Can you dig? Bitcoin broke through 310000 yuan

Introduction I believe that many people have heard of bitcoin, for bitcoin, this virtual currency, most people are relatively unfamiliar, just heard the name, but do not understand. They are also afraid to invest in bitcoin. As a new currency, bitcoin once had a big wave of heat, but now it is coming again, like the hot fried chicken in the entertainment industry. How many people become rich overnight because of bitcoin, and how many people are ruined by bitcoin. Therefore, we must be restrained and rational in the face of new things. Bitcoin soared to more than 310000 yuan. Bitcoin has attracted a lot of attention since it was born, and it has also been advocated by many technology giants. There are also a lot of people who bundle blockchain technology with bitcoin to preach. In particular, Microsoft president Bill Gates once strongly advocated bitcoin when he attended the technical forum with Ma Yun. Because of these comprehensive factors, bitcoin has been rising in value since its birth, and the speed is very fast. Before 2019 is the highlight of bitcoin. It has been soaring for a period of time, and its price has finally risen to an incredible level, reaching more than $20000. However, it is very difficult for the Chinese to spend money. At that time, many people thought bitcoin was unreliable, and it was probably a well-designed hoax. In addition to some irrational people, many people have resisted the desire to buy, not to buy. Fortunately for these people, bitcoin prices have calmed down for a long time after that. At the beginning of 2019, bitcoin ushered in the darkest moment of its life. In this year, with the intervention of regulation, and the distrust and declination of many people in the external environment, the price of bitcoin once dropped to about 3500 US dollars. It was just as exciting as taking a skydiving machine, and we didn’t have any hope for it. However, it is unexpected that bitcoin, which has only stopped for two years, is coming back again, and it is more fierce than the last time. Since October 2020, bitcoin has been rising all the way, even reaching the price of 50000 US dollars for one bitcoin. According to the latest exchange rate, the price of a bitcoin is as high as 46800 US dollars, about 314000 yuan. You know, this price was unthinkable ten years ago. Ten years ago, 10000 bitcoin could only buy two pizzas, and the price of each bitcoin was less than half a cent. But now if you own 40 bitcoins, you can be worth tens of millions. What kind of computer configuration can mine? The collapse of bitcoin has caused countless people to lose their fortune. Nowadays, the sharp rise of bitcoin has made many people become millionaires and millionaires. This phenomenon of sudden wealth makes many people red eyed and want to join bitcoin. Some people choose to invest in bitcoin and wait for it to soar again and sell. Some people want to use computers to mine at home, and spend a lot of money on high-end desktop computers and even servers. However, rationality is plump, reality is bone feeling, and this kind of behavior is just apprenticeship. Because the computing power of bitcoin mining is about 155eh / s, the home server can’t bear such a heavy load. Generally, the computing power of the top-notch home servers can reach about 2GH / s, which is far from the target. Moreover, with the development of technology, the difficulty of computing has risen to 214.34 billion. A top-level server can only earn about 0.0 million 15 bitcoin by mining all day without stopping mining. It takes about 18000 years to dig a bitcoin after installing this speed. It is better to work honestly. Of course, the above is only theoretical calculation, because of the requirements of computational power and computational difficulty, home computers and even home servers can not carry out mining at all. For those who want to use home computer to mine, I advise you to give up as soon as possible. For those who want to invest in bitcoin, I would like to say that this is more risky than stock speculation. I hope you have the ability to take certain risks. What do you think of this? You are welcome to share your views in the comments section.

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