What’s the secret behind the $1 trillion market value of bitcoin muskedu has invested in?

In 2021, the market value of bitcoin has exceeded $100 billion. It seems that there are too many things behind this crazy thing in the world. Who is Ben Cong, the inventor of lianbitcoin algorithm? Until now, it is a world-class unsolved mystery. All the money circles and hackers in the world are looking for it, but no one can find him because he has never appeared in public view. Many people become rich overnight because of bitcoin, such as Li Xiaolai of China. But there have been some of the biggest losers in bitcoin’s history. Compared with him, you are not miserable. On May 22, 2010, a programmer named raslohanyez bought two pizzas with 10000 bitcoins, and the first bitcoin transaction in the real world was born. With the rise of the value of bitcoin, the theoretical value of that piece of pizza is becoming more and more expensive. At the current price, it is equivalent to 500 million US dollars, that is, 3.245 billion yuan. I have bought two pizzas. I don’t know what the programmer thinks now. On February 21, 2021, the market value of Baba was $714.9 billion, and that of Xuxun was $924.2 billion. On that day, a single bitcoin was $56590, with a total market value of more than $1245 billion. At present, the market value is only behind apple, Saudi Arabia, Aramco National oil companies, and the parent companies of Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Speaking of it, we can’t believe that a thing without collateral, a thing with a value of 0, and something that has not even appeared in the real world is not only heavily held by American financial institutions, but also bought by the world’s richest man, musk, and allowed to be Tesla’s payment currency. On October 31, 2008, the account number signed by Nakamoto TSU brought the concept of bitcoin to the world for the first time in a secret forum cryptography discussion group. It explained the concept of cryptocurrency with a document. It was not issued by the central bank or the authority, and allowed transactions between two anonymous people. In mid January 2009, Nakamoto released the earliest version of the open source client on the cryptography mailing list. Anyone can participate in bitcoin activities, which can be distributed through a computer operation called “mining”. The principle of bitcoin has been well known by many people. It’s no longer popular science. Let’s look at it. In the early days, too many people dug up a lot of bitcoin, but they forgot the key because of its low value at that time. Therefore, the total amount of bitcoin actually in circulation will be far less than 21 million in the future. There is an upper limit to the total number of bitcoin and it can not be over issued, which leads to a natural attribute of bitcoin: there is no inflation problem, but it will become more and more scarce. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to realize value storage and trading. You don’t need to know what blockchain is. It can be simply understood as an open electronic account book. For example, when you go to the large screen of the stock hall of the exchange in the early days, we all stand in front of each other. Any change in the share price and the number of transactions is broadcast synchronously in the whole system. Whether it is people in the hall of the exchange or the Shanghai Stock Exchange thousands of miles away, the broadcasting speed of the system in the hall of the Shenzhen stock exchange is open and synchronous, and each participant can view and join in. That is to say, no one can operate in a dark box, tamper with data, or interfere with the operation of the system by any means. Let’s first look at the bitcoin private key, that is, the principle of private password generation. When you toss a coin face-to-face for one and the reverse side up for 0, toss 256 times in a row, and convert the result into a 16 digit number, which is the key of the next bitcoin. In other words, the essence of the bitcoin private key is 256 bit binary number. Does it sound so common that you can easily crack it with an ordinary computer? The average math teacher who can think like this is crying in the toilet. The 256 power of two is equal to the multiplication of 8 2 to the 32nd power, and the 32nd power of 2 is about 4 billion. That is 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion × 4 billion. In other words, even the fastest quantum computer can’t crack the private key of bitcoin, so if you are the holder of bitcoin, remember not to forget your private key. Bitcoin has intrinsic value because of its currency nature and its absolute security. You can carry millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars in your mind without any restrictions just by remembering a string of keys. Next, let’s talk about another important intrinsic value of bitcoin: liquidity and unregulated, which we call decentralization. Bitcoin, as a digital signature, allows individuals to pay directly to others. Like cash, bitcoin does not need to go through the bank settlement center or the electronic payment platform of securities dealers. The most important thing is that it does not go through the third-party institutions of the national financial supervision system. It avoids the handling fees, the cumbersome process of taxes and fees, and the problem of funds being supervised by the state. As long as any user has a connected Internet, he can use decentralization, which can be described in four words: the world has no right. Imagine how chaotic a society would be if there were no laws and no legal systems. At the capital level, what kind of interests does bitcoin represent? Since the birth of financial capital, it has been pursuing the flow and making profits. Naturally, it hopes that without foreign exchange control and financial supervision, capital can flow without borders, and even participate in any investment that is not visible but of high interest. Therefore, financial capital must be expected to de-government and get rid of government supervision. The more convenient and free the liquidity of financial capital is, the more convenient it will be for financial consortia to make profits. This is in conflict with the fundamental interests of most countries. The issue and control of legal currency are the core interests that every sovereign state needs and must grasp. Many big countries, such as China, do not recognize the currency attribute of bitcoin in law. However, several countries in the world are gradually trying to accept the legalization of bitcoin, which is a very few countries represented by the United States of America. Why should the United States support bitcoin? First, the system of the United States makes it impossible for them to restrict capital, and the state can not participate in limiting capital until it causes serious consequences to society. Second, bitcoin can create a large number of financial surpluses for western countries by using the advantages of strong capital, the ability of concept speculation, and the financial technology that affects currency fluctuations. In short, it is a digital scythe for the powerful to reap the weak and the bourgeoisie to harvest the common people. Third, the bitcoin offensive and defensive war is the new currency war launched by the United States. As we all know, the US dollar has gradually lost its core position as a global currency. When the amount of bitcoin accumulated in the United States is large enough, then its value can be raised through capital. If a large number of bitcoin are used for settlement in the future, it will be conducive to the internationalization of domestic currency, and for the US dollar, it will be conducive to the internationalization of the domestic currency The blockchain hegemony of US dollar will plunder the wealth of other countries. Some netizens said that musk was in favor of de US dollar centralization. In fact, he was gambling on US dollar to gain blockchain hegemony again. Some netizens also said: the richest man in the world, musk, has personally become a bitcoin platform. Does it mean that it has great investment value? This is the typical leek thinking, and then look down. Musk announced that he had bought 1.5 billion dollars of bitcoin when he announced that he had bought bitcoin on February 8. Obviously, the bitcoin he held in his hand should be much more than 1.5 billion. In less than two weeks, bitcoin became 38000 dollars, rose to 56000 dollars, and made 1 billion dollars. Isn’t that much better than making cars? Are you going to beat down the products you invested billions of dollars every day? Obviously, it is easy to raise the value of virtual currency with his new title of “the richest man in the world”, “the world’s leader in science and technology” and the soaring capital in his hands in the past year. No one is against money. Naturally, other capitals are also in full swing. When these big capitals feel that the bubble is too big in the short term, this year’s leeks should harvest a lot of selling time. Bitcoin, which has no collateral, a value of 0 will be worth trillions of Nakamoto, and a “person” who can not be found by global hackers. Bitcoin is an invisible tool to harvest the wealth of the whole world and a trading tool of the world’s darkest world. Who is the invisible hand that manipulates bitcoin? 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