When a bitcoin goes up to 310000 yuan, can the home computer “mine”?

I remember that three years ago, bitcoin soared for a period of time, and the price once exceeded the $20000 mark. At that time, many people were singing down bitcoin and thought it was a fraud. Many people are glad that bitcoin prices have not skyrocketed for a long time since then. The beginning of 2019 is the darkest period of bitcoin. Due to regulatory intervention, bitcoin has been widely criticized. At that time, the price has dropped to about 3500 US dollars. Everyone thinks that bitcoin may never rise again. But this is not the case. In less than two years, bitcoin prices have taken off again, starting from October 2020, with us $10000, US $20000, US $30000, US $40000 Today, the price of a bitcoin is close to $50000. Within half a year, bitcoin soared like crazy, and those who once looked down on bitcoin were shocked. According to the latest market price of bitcoin, the price of a bitcoin has reached 48600 US dollars, about 314000 yuan. We should know that ten years ago, bitcoin was not worth a cent in the eyes of ordinary people. According to media reports, in May 2010, an American spent 10000 bitcoins and bought only two pizzas. One bitcoin was worth less than half a cent. However, today, ten years later, a bitcoin has exceeded 310000 RMB, which is really incredible. If you hold 35 bitcoins, you will become a multimillionaire today. The birth of bitcoin has indeed made many people become tens of millions and hundreds of millions. Many early miners have obtained huge wealth through bitcoin. Because of this, some people have also moved some “crooked mind”. Under the temptation of such high profits, many people have plans to invest in bitcoin. Some people directly invest in bitcoin and wait for the next wave of price rise. Some people have the idea of digging bitcoin at home and using home computers to mine. For such an idea, I just want to say, or put it off as soon as possible! Not to mention that the computing power of the whole network is as high as 155eh / s, whether the home computer can withstand the high load operation or not, we can say that the mining of the home computer is also a matter that can not be realized at all. In general, the CPU power of a home computer can reach 800 times per second. With a high-end graphics card, such as GTX 1080ti, the computing power of the whole computer can reach about 1.8gh/s. Now the difficulty of calculation is as high as 214.34 billion yuan, so the theoretical income of a computer is only about 0.0 million 15 pieces per day. If we dig at this speed, it will take about 18000 years to dig up a bitcoin. Of course, this is only a theoretical calculation. Considering the continuous improvement of computing power in the later period, the calculation difficulty will also increase. Therefore, it is impossible to use a home computer to dig for bitcoin. The author has learned that digging bitcoin is not something that a home computer can do today. No home computer has such a capability, because mining is actually a mathematical problem based on hash algorithm, which can not be completed by ordinary computers. Professional mining investment is not suitable for ordinary investors, because only two results can be obtained or not. For ordinary investors, there is not enough money to bet on whether they can dig it. But to build a mine, the investment amount is often more than 10 million yuan. So for those who want to mine through home computers, I suggest that we should give up the idea as soon as possible, and not spend time on such impossible things. What do you think of it? You are welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

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