When the flood season was hit by drought, 70% of the mine was vacant and 20 million evaporated daily.

Editor’s note: This article is from DeepFlow (ID:deep-flow), authorised by Clyde, the Odaily Star daily.

 When the flood season was hit by drought, 70% of the mine was vacant and 20 million evaporated daily.

In June, the entire mine circle was waiting for a rain.

Drought in Leshan. Drought in Liangshan. Xishan, drought. Aba Prefecture, drought. Muli County is seeking rain.

Ganzi is the hardest hit area.

The rain falling from the sky at the end of April and early May was choked by heaven for 1 months.

Affected by lack of water, bitcoin miners were in a state of panic.

The industry generally recognized that the world’s 70% bitcoin was produced in China, while China’s 70% mine was in Sichuan, especially in the Dadu River Basin. The 4~10 month is the flood season in Sichuan every year. The electricity price in the flood season can be as low as 20 Fen per degree. Compared with the electricity charges of three or four or so in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, many miners have been moved to Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou.

“Water and electricity itself is for heaven’s sake.” Miner Yang Haolin told DeepFlow (micro signal: deep-flow) that in the middle of May he moved from Xinjiang to more than 10 thousand mines in Ganzi, Sichuan. If last year, it was already running at the time of January, and the roaring of the rich began. Now, less than 1000 stations are starting.

Before the flood season, the miners would guess what kind of pit they would encounter, but guess the beginning did not guess the outcome. Some people say that the regulatory trend is complicated and uncertain. Some say that the price of money is volatile and the position is dissatisfied. But the only thing that did not expect is that the biggest hole will come from the sky.

Yang Haolin told DeepFlow that at present, about 70% of Sichuan’s mines are idle. Once these mines are fully activated, they will at least account for 20% of the total net power, and they can dig up bitcoins that can be converted to a market price of not less than US $2 million 800 thousand (about 20 million yuan) per day.

The battle of the flood season has not yet started, and it has already been half fire, and the opponent is unknowable and invincible – God.

Rain seeking ceremony

The sun, the sun, and the sun, for several days, can not bear the sun without a hydropower station.

“God, hurry up and make a heavy rain.” This month, bitcoin miner Zhou Tong’s most frequent move is: look up at the sky, look at the phone’s weather forecast software, murmuring the curse and curse of heaven.

Zhou Tong concluded that “Ganzi always rains locally”, and another conclusion is not to believe in the weather forecast without “egg balls”, which will lead to his continuous failure to customers.

“Wait till you get on the plane, say April 20th, then 25, say No. 30. Is this kind of mine low or moderate?” In April, coal miner complained.

He was comforted by the fact that there was little rain in Sichuan this year, and that the power generation of the hydropower station was closely related to the weather.

Affected by the weather, a large number of mines have been transported to Sichuan from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places since the end of April.

Yang Haolin told DeepFlow that only about 70% of the mines in Sichuan were idle. Once these mines are fully activated, they will at least account for 20% of the total net power, and they can dig up bitcoins that can be converted to a market price of not less than US $2 million 800 thousand (about 20 million yuan) per day.

The machine that makes the rich is now in a long-term indefinite stop. The mine without operation has virtually increased the sunk cost per second. The miners have to look at the heaves and sigh, complain and laugh at themselves in the circle of friends.

 When the flood season was hit by drought, 70% of the mine was vacant and 20 million evaporated daily.

Some people say take the people of Sichuan to pee.

“The beginning of this year is bad. We should ask the Taoist priest to practice it.” The miners are laughing hard, not only his family, but many mines have quietly reduced their load: “the load on the Dadu River will be better on the side of the load. The most dry thing this year is Xishan, and some of the burden is directly cut.”

The term “flood season” means running at full load. 10 thousand machines, only 2000 are running. Jiaming estimates that the rain will be less than 30% this year, and the load will decrease accordingly.

Jia Ming looked at the sky. He had a feeling of sighing and sighing. He went on 3 years, and experienced several events such as flash floods, landslides and power cuts, and 1 people waiting for the mountains.

The original and the customer said that the beginning of May can be on the shelf, tens of thousands of machines long towed up, the freight spent millions, the result is slow, this can blame? Is it the “irresistible factor” mentioned in the contract?

In March 30th, at the Fung Shui mobilization meeting hosted by the coin printing pool, many mine dealers said that they would be able to get electricity at the end of May and the electricity price at 2 by 2 at the end of April.

At the moment, the machine that built the night is still silent. Millions of mines in the new good quarries, mixed with fresh cement, waited quietly for God’s arrangement.

The miners had no alternative but to call for help from heaven.

It is interesting to note that rain was originally an ancient ceremony that has been going on for thousands of years, even accompanied by a memorial ceremony. Now it appears in the most advanced and advanced block chain technology in another aspect.

The miners showed their powers in search of rain.

Someone played a joke in the jitter video. “Wudang Wang also called Zhang Tianshi” to ask for rain.

There are also miners said, Microsoft is not doing a seabed server, bubble in constant temperature seawater, bitcoin mining machine can learn from?

And the miners said it was because Jam Hsiao didn’t come to the concert.

New miners trapped in the pit

“I have been waiting for this power for half a month, and if I do not come, I will go to the power station to die.” A customer who found a hydroelectric Trust said, “do you know the feeling of watching the currency price jump up and down but powerless?”

In mid May, it rains every day in downtown Chengdu, but there is no rain in the mountains. The customer was deceived by the mine, and the result was a trip to the mine and found that there was no water.

 When the flood season was hit by drought, 70% of the mine was vacant and 20 million evaporated daily.

It was raining 1 days in June, but it didn’t come down.

The natural disasters are all new people in the pit.

In May 15th, Zhou Tong agreed to give the client the last time to get on the plane.

“A lot of poor water has moved the machine over for 1 months, and the market has been suspended for 1 months.” Yang Haolin said to DeepFlow deep stream.

The large-scale relocation of machines is concentrated in early May. From the calculation of bitcoin, we can see that in the half month of May 2nd, the power of bit dropped by over 20%. This is a time period for the centralized relocation of the machine, that is to say, “the thermal power machine goes down to the Fengshui hydropower station.”

 When the flood season was hit by drought, 70% of the mine was vacant and 20 million evaporated daily.

In the first half of May 2nd, the power of bit dropped by more than 20%.

Those who can’t wait to pour into the Sichuan nuggets are mostly new members of the mine circle. Yang Haolin said that these novice were heard by the weather.

There are two reasons: first, the new miners are not familiar with the site or the bargaining power of the power bureau is weak. Most of them are located in the far distance from the Dadu River (as early as April 29th, Luding and Lancang River). Two, the new miners lack the anticipation of natural disasters. They copied the experience of previous years (they went to Sichuan in the dry season) and moved the mine to Sichuan earlier, which caused the miners to suffer losses for at least 1 months.

The old miners were quite experienced.

“(we) Xinjiang Inner Mongolia machine did not move, because the situation is not implemented before it will not move, it can be late later.” Zhou Zijian, an old miner who has worked for 5 years, said, “I have to wait until I confirm it and move it again. There is water on the other side. I will not declare the load back.”

In addition, miner Tucson said that this may be too low pre electricity prices, the new miners choose to default.

On the other hand, God heard the new miner; on the other hand, the novice heard the customer.

“One of my previous clients did not choose to come to my place, and went to a low price area. As a result, no electricity was available now, and I was ready to come back to find me, but I didn’t have a seat.” a miner said that this year there was not enough water in Sichuan.

Many customers have decided to re choose the mine, but they always suffer from a wolf’s mouth and a few problems. They also need to pay the cost and time cost of the two move.

“Spend hundreds of millions of dollars and smash them in order to cheat you for 15 days in advance. It will not be so silly.” A miner introduces that the responsible mine owner usually puts forward two solutions, such as refund, withdrawal or compensation.

“The mine is not electrify, it’s normal, not every miner speaks integrity, especially those new mine owners.” The miners said that many new miners were not honest, but with little experience.

In addition to those who go underground, the cloud computing platforms have suffered considerable setbacks.

This year, we began to make cloud computing power bit deer put forward a set of flood season packages and 2 Gross 2 electricity price at the money printing summit, so that many miners on the spot were stunned, calling competition.

Why did the deer have such a low price? A person familiar with the matter told DeepFlow that bit mainland talked about 100 thousand seats in Kowloon Valley in 2016, and 6 cents per naked power. Jiulong ditch is also a severe drought area this year.

Bit deer is a cloud computing platform hatched by bit continent, and this year officially entered the cloud computing power mining platform.

In May 21st, the official of bit deer said: during the flood season, the package is normal at the time of power failure, and it will probably get better next month.

“Originally 5 months of abundant water, must sell according to 6 months.” A bit deer complained to customers.

Whether the mine owners, mine hosting clients or cloud computing platforms are all hit by this drought, there is a real drought and waterlogging occupation in mining industry: Mine dealers.

The battle has not yet started, and a group of miners has fallen.

“This year is very strange. On the other side, the miners can not find the mines.” Yang Haolin said there was still a lot of venues outside.

The miners’ sense of superiority has disappeared in recent months. The Mavericks started in April this year, not the new miners who fight for the flood season, but the mine resell.

“Now mining is obviously not as good as selling coal mines and planes to make money, the most profitable mining machine, basically 0 risks.” Zhou Tong sighed deeply.

A mine dealer who admitted last year said that a S9 mine had undergone tremendous changes in the first half of the year, from 700 yuan to 2600 yuan, and the current price is 2070 yuan.

This year, the new miners saw a disorderly mining site late and did not move. They hit the pit and watched others drink and eat meat. It was hard not to leave a shadow behind.

In the flood season, the battle has not yet been officially launched, and a group of miners have fallen down. Even the miners have abandoned their duties and left the field.

In March 30th, at the summit of the Yin Yin pond, Chai Hua, the founder of mining industry every day, said that in the 2019 year, the flood season will be a big reshuffle of the mining industry. She expects Sichuan to add 500 thousand seats this year compared with the same period last year.

How much of the 500 thousand new seats will be reduced to cannon fodder?

Prelude to power struggle

In the flood season, the force station has not yet started, but the sound of guns has already been heard at the front.

In June 6th, bitcoin computing power showed 61.63 EH /s, which has surpassed the new high – 60.4 EH /s in November 1, 2018.

The new height of computing power tests everyone’s nerves in the mine circle, and war arrows are ready for release.

On the eve of the war, old miners recalled that one of them said last year that Sichuan had been raining for too long, mudslides and floods, and that the two sites he participated in had been closed down for half a year. These are lessons learned.

Yang Haolin always takes heart in his heart of awe. Because you never know what flag is under heaven. This can not help but think of an old saying: “when people think, God Laughs.”

“Doing business and starting a business is a test of all aspects of you. Your personal abilities, emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient are all tests.” Zhou Zijian added, “shall we die long enough to live to this day?”

According to conservative estimates, it is normal to increase the bitcoin by 30% in August. How many surviving soldiers were there then?

The industry generally recognized that this year will be the last year of the ant miner S9’s appearance. If the currency price continues to rise, the ant mine will be eliminated in October. If it remains unchanged, it will be the end of the year.

Now, when the time comes into June, there are reports of electricity coming from all over Sichuan. On Monday, June 3rd, there were reports from miners that the Dadu River and Luding were basically powered up.

After many delays, in the evening of June 5th, at the foot of a remote mountain in Ganzi, the sky finally began to rain.

Many miners predict that the time of rain in Sichuan will be 15.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, tens of thousands of streams will be gathered again. The water fills up the miners heart and reconnects the blue shed mine in the mountains. At that time, the water power war will be officially opened.

This drought has wired the patience of the miners, depleted the credibility of some miners, and proved who is wise, who is brave, but all these are just the prelude to the battle of strength.

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