Whether the Greek companies bitcoin faces enormous challenges

Whether the Greek companies bitcoin faces enormous challenges


The bitcoin foundation of large and small enterprises whether the use of bitcoin is facing a huge problem, so we find the organizers to understand his opinion on this matter.

As many people in the world have the right to learn and understand bitcoin related knowledge, the Greeks also have the same rights. Due to the debt problem, the Greek crisis has made its political and financial systems have been serious harm. Only through the efforts of the people, and not a miracle, to change this bad situation.

Only a few people in the world to create a better world for other people, so they deserve our support, as the Greek bitcoin foundation. They are trying to explain to individuals and businesses how to run this technology, and how to profit. In February 12th, the Greek bitcoin foundation technology to invite you to the city of Athens, in a harmonious environment in attendance, discussed and meet with other people in the communication industry.

CoinTelegraph correspondent to Mr. Demos to consult the relevant circumstances and decide the future may make.

CoinTelegraph: what do you think of the meeting?

Demos: if we take the international bitcoin foundation is divided into various groups, we may be able to call themselves the bitcoin foundation. The Greek people have a smaller and from rapidly growing interest in the relevant currency reform, but there is no doubt that since last summer from the banking sector started to put in place the capital controls is to promote the growth of this interest. There are many in Greece is committed to bitcoin businesses and organizations, and they are open source technology, the main foundation formed by volunteers.

CT: Why did you join a bitcoin blockchain and technology foundation?

Demos: in this new conference in Athens is on the new germination by bitcoin industry enthusiasm and personal interest, bitcoin promises to solve the banking economic division. This is our first meeting publicly announced before bitcoin make a difference. There will be analysis meeting, is facing the new people to join and advanced users, and we will be in one of the science and technology innovation center in Athens is the most perfect place to host the conference. This early announcement is good communication, enthusiasm, community oriented social behavior and economic progress stimulation results, people with a high level of technology through the channel is not smooth, bitcoin forum and meeting records (have important influence of network of the three channels) to coordinate the meeting plan completed. This meeting will be as you would expect, but more importantly, there will be a lot of bitcoin donations experiment! I joined the bitcoin foundation is to change the world…

Will attend this meeting are co Papa Yeo M especially? Mr. George, he is a professor at the University of Nicosia, the “master” of electronic money project. George will make speak on bitcoin and blockchain.

He said the meeting of CoinTelegraph:

We want to open another successful meeting, will introduce bitcoin to new people joining, and all people who are interested in talking about deeper topics.”

The foundation of another member is Mr. Karasavis Costas, he is a software engineer at Acrossio, he will discuss the related content of bitcoin innovation and application at the meeting.

The fund has 86 members, and is growing at a steady rate, every week there are more people want to know for consultation, to create a rich controversial break into order, change the original transaction object should be how to achieve.

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