Whether the new fiscal stimulus package can be passed will determine whether bitcoin can break through 30000 yuan

Bitcoin failed to rise yesterday, and the price hit 27200 line for pressure correction. The market was tested again. The 25800 support area rebounded. In the evening, the trend ushered in a wave of repair and consolidation, and the price rose to 27100 before it retreated again. Within the day, the market rebounded to around 26240. At present, the price rise was blocked in the line of 27200, and the range was constantly compressed. Both sides of long and short were still in a state of sticking. In the short period hour chart, the brin belt is moving forward smoothly, the market returns to the middle and upper rail areas, and the price moves back to 26200 area to rebound, and the support starts to move up. At present, the upper repression has not broken through, and the market still has the possibility of pressure correction, so if it is not broken, it is not recommended to blindly pursue the rise. MACD, RSI and stoch tend to slow down, which shows that the short-term market is a shock upward, so it is recommended to give priority to more orders, supplemented by empty orders. On the evening of this month, trump signed the $2.3 trillion new epidemic relief bill that he refused to sign before, thus boosting market risk appetite. However, trump asked to increase the amount of cash distributed to individuals in the bill from $600 to $2000. And before signing, trump specially announced the news two hours in advance in order to arouse the public’s emotion. This will increase the intensity of US fiscal easing, increase the circulating capital in the market, improve the efficiency of capital flow, increase the demand for highly speculative cryptocurrency, and then push up the value of cryptocurrency. At present, we can pay attention to whether the Senate has passed the plan of increasing the amount of US $2000 per person. Although it is in a state of contradiction, the United States has released a large amount of water under the epidemic situation, So far, the U.S. fiscal deficit has reached a record $3.1 trillion (the deficit in 2019 is 984 billion), and the overall debt scale is more than GDP, so we think that the probability of passing the plan is not high. However, if the subsequent Senate vote passes, it will inject up to $500 billion into the market, which will be an opportunity to support bitcoin to break through the 30000 mark. Bitcoin soared $10000 in half a month, mainly due to the imbalance between supply and demand. The supply of bitcoin is not the same as that of traditional currency. Therefore, in the case of limited supply and a large increase in demand, the cryptocurrency will be given the opportunity to soar. At present, some data indicate that the number of regions holding more than 1000 bitcoin increased by 0.13%, which means that The former market investors not only have confidence in holding bitcoin, but also can see that the demand for bitcoin is increasing and the cryptocurrency is no longer in circulation. In the cryptocurrency market, it shows that they have expectations for cryptocurrency, which will be conducive to the upward trend of cryptocurrency. At present, it coincides with European and American countries, so less major news is enough to shake up the large fluctuation of cryptocurrency. However, in the next year, we will still focus on the economic situation. If the economy is continuously disturbed by the epidemic, the opportunities for increasing easing will continue to rise, which will bring about an upward trend in the bitcoin. On the contrary, the epidemic situation will be effectively controlled and the economy will be boosted by a large number of previous easing policies When the situation is stable, officials have changed their ideas about highly loose money, which will make cryptocurrency collapse again two years ago, so the hot money market will affect the development of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is in a high range of volatility after the high level of bitcoin. However, it happens to be a holiday in Europe and the United States, so the chance of big news affecting bitcoin is low, which makes the chance of short-term horizontal trading shake larger. Moreover, the horizontal market after the high-end is originally cryptocurrency, but we still need to pay attention to the sudden soaring market. Therefore, it is suggested that position management should be the key point in operation, Good position management is the key to win the operation of cryptocurrency.

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