“Which big guy in the world will jump off the building first because of bitcoin?”

Source: Flower Finance In the comment area of major news websites, the attitude of bitcoin is still distrust. People who saw the topic poked in by Huahua Institute of Finance and economics may think that this is an article about bitcoin. In fact, the author is not brave enough. In the past 15 years, I have been bearish on China’s property market, Maotai stock price, bitcoin and Joe Biden respectively, which can be called the reverse beacon. In fact, the vast majority of people hold similar views with the author in these projects, because we are ordinary people who lack imagination. Ordinary people will also rise up, so these two days, a man who used to be isolated from speculation suddenly told me that he had bought 200000 bitcoin and was ready to lock up for ten years. The trend of bitcoin in this Spring Festival is quite frightening. If you don’t pay close attention to it, you may think that bulls have made a lot of profits. But in fact, short positions are certainly out of stock, and bulls are on the edge of the explosion for many times. A little bit out of control will admit to losing more than half of them. Bitcoin is the largest futures unit in the world. The recent week’s price trend news of bitcoin shows that bitcoin has been on the rise. Tesla has invested in bitcoin and is ready to accept bitcoin for car purchase, musk has made comments on dogcoin, including the Canadian government and many traditional financial institutions have issued a statement to include bitcoin News like this filled the whole Spring Festival holiday. One of the most interesting is the attitude of traditional financial institutions. Both overtly and implicitly, traditional financial institutions still tend to think that bitcoin is as worthless as air, but their bodies are very sincere. They have opened their warm arms and exposed their sour and sweaty armpits. This is because although, intellectually, financial institutions still reject bitcoin, which breaks through the value recognition system of textbooks, they have not forgotten that the world is full of fools. Musk said that bitcoin is on the eve of being accepted by the general public. Financial institutions (including national governments) are deeply worried about the prospect described by Musk’s crow’s mouth, but they have to be prepared for this terrible prospect, because if the prospect is fucked, once it comes true, the unprepared institutions will suffer a lot. The price trend of bitcoin in the recent year. On February 10, MasterCard announced that it was actively maintaining contact with the major global central banks planning to launch digital currencies, and planned to support some digital currencies on its payment network this year. On the same day, PayPal said it plans to provide encryption services to holders of its venmo wallet by the end of the second quarter of 2021, and plans to expand its cryptocurrency business into a wider international market. On February 11, New York Mellon bank, the oldest bank in the United States and famous for its custody business, announced that it would provide its customers with storage and transfer services for digital currencies such as bitcoin. At present, the platform for implementing this plan is still in the prototype stage, and it is understanding customers’ willingness to use this service. Roman regelman, chief executive of the bank’s Asset Services and digital business, said digital assets were becoming mainstream. On February 12, bitpay, the world’s largest blockchain payment service provider, said Apple pay would support payment in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Meanwhile, bitpay also announced plans to increase support for Google pay and Samsung pay by the end of March. For bitcoin’s Spring Festival rise, the drummer must be musk, but reluctantly, these traditional financial institutions have also acted as a laugher. Because the financial industry is the industry that follows the red and trampled on the black. They know a truth most. It is better to laugh at the bad than to fight soy sauce. Even if a project of several trillion US dollars is finally washed up, there are countless trading processes in which wool can be collected. It is undoubtedly unwise to look at it from the shore. So that’s why financial institutions have no one to buy bitcoin, but they are building a bitcoin trading system. The great risk of the former is difficult for traditional financial institutions to accept in any case, but the commission paid and traded by bitcoin must be earned. The world is so crazy that mice are bridesmaids to cats. In contrast, musk and Wang Xing do not have so many rules and regulations. Compared with the past, technology giants are increasingly becoming the bulls of bitcoin, and they continue to use their KOL identity to express their opinions in favor of bitcoin. Such as Musk’s is not only about words, but also manipulating Tesla to buy bitcoin, which has raised bitcoin by thousands of dollars. The author has noticed that in the comment area of major news websites, the attitude of bitcoin is still distrustful. For example, some netizens said that it is possible to open a gambling table, and which world tycoon will jump off the building first because of bitcoin. The possibility of big guy jumping off the building because of bitcoin is extremely low, because with his intelligence quotient, he has already intervened and reduced the position cost to tens of thousands of dollars, or he is very careful to invest a few thousandth of his wealth to intervene a little bit. But if ordinary people still dare to believe that bitcoin will rise to 600000 US dollars at this stage, and bring in their family property, they will inevitably have the impulse to jump buildings several times in the next few years. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not to say bitcoin won’t have that day, but even if it does, it has to be big enough. For example, today’s price of $50000 to buy, after a while fell to $5000, then you have to have the courage to endure it again. After all, bitcoin is a typical player. 1% of players hold more bitcoin than 99% of players. (this article is a contribution)

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