Who controls bitcoin now?

Bitcoin has ushered in a high explosive period. The 15 minute trend chart is like a daily line based on hard power. In addition to the violent fluctuations, it is more about the market instability. Everyone is optimistic about this wave of bull market, but this kind of fluctuation is beyond expectation and has exceeded most people’s expectation. As I said before, bitcoin has not peaked in the short term, but I have not thought of the current trend. What I can predict is that after the fierce pull-up, the plate will be smashed quickly. But today’s trend, has let all people shut up, those who like to rub hot money circle all shut up, why? They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t know who’s driving up bitcoin, and they don’t know what’s next. According to the current trend, there is still a lot of space above bitcoin. In our eyes, 2020 will not end until the Spring Festival. However, in the eyes of Westerners, after Christmas, it is 2021, and there are three days in the calendar. But 2021 in the real sense has arrived for them. Now it belongs to the trend of bitcoin in 2021. I said in the previous article that bitcoin will reach a peak before June 2021. Now it seems that this idea has been broken by the existing trend. There may be a high point, but there is no way to judge the trend in the later stage. We retail investors should judge the trend by rising and falling, pulling up, waterfall and retail investors entering, so that we can get a normal score If the trend is like this, who will talk about the pressure? Who says support? All of them are talking nonsense, and it is useless to analyze them. As I said, investors in the currency circle should invest in accordance with the general trend and should not go against the general trend. Now all the big guys shut up. There are still analysts on the market who are analyzing resistance and support. They are still looking at the upper and lower tracks of the poly plus channel, still looking at the golden fork and dead fork? What makes you so confident? What in the end makes you in this trend can be analyzed? Maybe it’s because I can’t see these clearly, I think others can’t see clearly. I don’t want a friend to use this point to put a high hat on me, so I’ll make a mistake here. If you have anything you want to discuss, you can comment on it below. We have a good communication and discussion. According to the trend of investment will never be wrong, only when the market to our analysis of the angle, we will have a good look at the point. A digression: Nowadays, the mining of currency circle has reached the bottleneck, and the proportion of mining machine chip and energy consumption has reached the maximum, so the production has reached the highest point. What’s more, bitcoin is now deterred by many people, and the mainstream of small currencies has not yet ushered in a period of high explosion. I’ll stay here. Different time, different market, different investment methods, you can’t understand this, you can’t go to the end with the market! Grasp the market, not blindly! What can let you grasp is the market, what can’t let you grasp is nightmare. Strength makes classic, the king is not accidental, I am very n coin! (there are risks in the currency circle, so you should be cautious when entering the market)

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