Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

TA, Ta, ta…..

7000 coins stolen bitcoins.

Tether8.5 billion was seized.

Bitfinex IEO “vampire billions”.

Buffett just after the general meeting of shareholders said: bitcoin is a gamble”.

When all the people are still immersed in the inextricably bogged down in a bear market atmosphere, bitcoin soared, up to 5 14 April morning, bitcoin exceeded $7800, 2 months doubled. This way, almost all people think that the market will be a callback, the brightest brick house have called for such flesh callback, the bitcoin hit a slap in the face of these people. The following quotes a piece to express recently all helpless coin ring.

Market analyst guidance:

4500 Pie: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

5000 Pie: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

Pie 5500: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

Pie 6000: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

Pie 6500: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

Pie 7000: dangerous period, the risk is too big, do not move to see!

7800: the best time to buy a cake!

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

Bitcoin as this wave of market true people ignorant of demon force, all the people ask what is up, I will do the analysis of what is belated effort today, let bitcoin rose.

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

The premise of the environment

Since IC0 wave, bitcoin from the highest point to 3200 dollars, the market value fell by 81%, down 90% other basic currency competition. Do not think that trees can grow to the sky, but also do not think there are 18 layers of 18 layers of hell, although this is a small probability probability, but. After the baptism of a bear market, bitcoin has washed out most of the bubble, this time itself has made it difficult to fall, have fallen enough, hovering at the bottom of long. The seed of this period bitcoin as the dry soil, waiting for help outside watering it, soil moisture conditions outside once abundant, will be staged by change gradually from fruit. The water has been full of.

 Why bitcoin doubled only 2 months?

Bitcoin is expected to halve

Bitcoin half can be said to be the only endogenous power of bitcoin prices.

In November 28, 2012, the first bitcoin block half awards, bitcoin prices rose 23.6 times.

7 2016 10, bitcoin II block half awards, bitcoin prices rose 46.5 times.

The next round of half of next year in the 5 month, every half will open a new bull market, so the industry basically think bitcoin economic cycle for 4 years, according to the past bitcoin economic cycle, we can find that in every half a year to a year and a half, bitcoin the value began to rise, until the top cow, turned into a bear market, bitcoin entered the next economic cycle. According to the rules of the bull market bitcoin starting point in the economic cycle, can also broadly confirm this bull market starting point roughly in the first quarter of 2019. That is to say we probably rate is in a bull market starting point bitcoin economic cycle in the rising period.

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

The admission of traditional financial institutions

According to Bloomberg, the world’s largest Asset Management Co, Fidelity Investments (Fidelity Investment) will launch a customer-oriented organization bitcoin transaction services in the next few weeks. Fidelity is an American multinational Financial Services Company. Is the world’s fourth largest mutual fund companies, asset management scale of $2 trillion and 100 billion.

According to the recent financial analyst Xiao Lei view, bitcoin has recently gained impetus, is the high net worth crowd began to contact and consider investing in bitcoins, rich in general will be investment matters to the professional wealth management institutions.

The traditional financial institutions began to bitcoin olive branch, it does give the market brings great expectations, the admission mechanism is very important, because the money is always the main impetus to rise, investment will become a major growth point of this round of bull market.

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

Currency security conspiracy

On the rise, there is a similar conspiracy theory point of view on the market, whether right or wrong, we may wish to look at.

Because of USDT, in order to avoid the risk of possible currency security, in a large number of shipments of USDT, will exchange earnings USDT transactions into BTC, because a large number of purchase of BTC, directly boost the BTC boom.

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?

The impact of the international situation

Recently, as we all know, our country stock market with a disagreement, are subject to a certain influence, and even lead to a devaluation of the currency appeared. While bitcoin is from last year’s bear market recovered, part of the traditional capital market hot pursuit of high returns in order to find new investment targets, and some because of the large environment and want to increase the value of the funds may flow into the coin ring. Of course, a bitcoin can hedge is another topic.

Now the total currency circle is less than a niubable of listed companies, the traditional financial market is a small part of the funds into the money is enough to ring up a lot of bitcoin.

 Why bitcoin doubled in only 2 months?


You read the above information, may think that the bull market has really come, my personal view is that may not be directly to the development of daniel. For bitcoin itself, this boom is the lack of fundamental support, a person is, there is no innovation of bull market to continue to find support or landing applications.

Of course, these coins are easy in the circle of analysis is to face, coin circle forever beyond your judgment, because the market can never be predicted.

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