Why can bitcoin rise and reach a new high? Who controls bitcoin?

Bitcoin has broken through the $28000 barrier, setting a new record again and again. Although the range of correction and shock is very large, it has always remained above $20000. By the time of publication, bitcoin was reported at $27232.51/piece, with a peak of $28115.1/piece, up 60% in the past month. Have all the bitcoin speculators made money? In fact, I tell you that there are still a few people who make money by speculation in cryptocurrency. The price of bitcoin fluctuates too much, and many investors trade by contract, so they often make little money and lose nothing. Isn’t it just reported on the Internet that a bitcoin speculator in Dalian lost 2000, in case three of them committed suicide. According to the data of bitcoin home.com, more than 6000 people have been out of positions in the last 24 hours. The total amount of all kinds of coins has been up to 700 million US dollars, including nearly 600 million bitcoin. There are both long and short positions. What’s going on with bitcoin? Why has it been rising? Is anyone manipulating him? Bitcoin is not issued by any country, but a series of numbers of virtual currency determined by a set of algorithms. It is also possible that gold reserves will rise and prices will fluctuate as a result of the discovery of new and larger gold mines. Why does this worthless bitcoin fluctuate so much? There must be some manipulation behind this. Strictly speaking, bitcoin can not be regarded as a kind of currency. It has no practical value. It is neither a unit of account nor a means of payment. Moreover, it has great volatility and no stability and value preservation. It can not be used as an asset because it has no income, use and capital benefits. His biggest function may be a kind of speculation carrier, self realization rises, has no rule. Bitcoin continues to rise because there is artificial manipulation behind it. Here, I would like to mention the legal currency – TEDA, which is an investment transfer currency anchoring the US dollar. Generally, when buying bitcoin, you need to change cash into French currency, and then exchange it into the currency you want. In fact, TEDA is a medium created by big alligators to manipulate and control bitcoin The supply of bitcoin increased from $4 billion to $20 billion, an increase of $160, so bitcoin has been on the rise. As long as the constant increase of TEDA can not only make bitcoin rise, but also the manipulator will issue more TEDA coins to push up bitcoin when the price of bitcoin falls. This is how the people behind bitcoin manipulate the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin is going to crash soon. Because the regulatory authorities are strictly investigating the TEDA coin and the companies behind it. Just as the biggest fraud company bitmex, the cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives trading platform, is being sued, people can sue the company behind the currency. So bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies will really crash in the next few months. Virtual currency lacks supervision. A large number of reports and evidence show that crypto goods are operated in secret, bid up prices, transfer assets and defraud. These behaviors have become hotbeds for criminals. Sooner or later, they will be attacked by the government. This day will not be too far away. (Note: the pictures in this article are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it; this article only represents the author’s point of view, for reference only, not as investment advice)

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