Why do others make money by frying bitcoin? Today I finally found the reason!

It’s in this big market that they didn’t make money when they made index. They just saw that big bitcoin and Shanzhai coin were rising all the time, but their accounts showed that they didn’t make a few money. I believe their situation is similar to that of most people, mainly because they made the following mistakes. 1、 If there is no investment policy, the big trees we often see can be our investment teachers. If you look at the policy of big trees, they should be rooted underground. In this way, the tree body can grow high, the leaves can stretch, and finally grow into a towering tree. If the roots of the big tree want to grow above the ground, it is estimated that the big tree will not grow. Many traders have no investment policy, do not know what market should be operated by themselves, and there is no taboo. They have no such concept at all. They only know to follow the fluctuation of the market, but buy and sell according to their own feeling that it will rise or fall. Such people tend to be short of the market every five or six days, and then rise to the idea of long every seven or eight days. Losses and missed big market often appear at this time. If you say that you don’t lose money, who will lose money? 2、 “Tactical” diligence conceals strategic laziness. In my opinion, many traders are short-sighted and “diligent.”. What they see is just the profit in front of them. If today’s currency price rises by 10%, you are very afraid that the profits you have already owned will be lost. If you are anxious to drop your bags for safety, it can be said that it is not wrong to abide by the principle of “bag dropping for safety”. However, in a big rising market, 10% profit will not make you rich. What I want to ask is, since this profit was not owned yesterday, but you are afraid of losing it today, why not think about it rising by 20% tomorrow and 30% the day after tomorrow? For those losing trades, it is even more ridiculous. Today’s loss is 5%, and many traders feel at ease. They think that they will rise back tomorrow and fall by 3% tomorrow. On the contrary, they believe that they will rise back the day after tomorrow. They dare not admit their mistakes. This should be a time when he should be afraid. However, he is full of hope. He will fall 5% today and 3% tomorrow … What will happen if the day after tomorrow falls more? This is also short-sighted, resulting in many people can not take profits, but can withstand losses. The “diligence” of traders is nothing more than their excessive trading. They don’t calculate an account. The transaction of a currency is two thousandth of a thousand. The trader wants to earn some living expenses every day. If he buys and sells two orders a day, the handling fee is 2 * 2 * 2 / 1000 = 8 / 1000. Then 365 days a year (according to the principal does not increase or decrease), 365 * 8 / 1000 = 292%, This is a very exaggerated data. If your principal is 100000 yuan, the handling fee of your operation has actually spent 292000 yuan. What is this concept? If your investment level is high enough, you can only earn 60000 yuan by winning 60% and spend 292000 yuan on handling fee. Many traders are practicing this kind of “diligence”, but they don’t know how to spend more time thinking that the currency is the rising logic and the general trend is the fundamental to make money. 3、 The general trend and patient persistence are indispensable. The market regret has two aspects: (1) the rising market has made 3 points of profit, and then it will be settled. After seeing the fierce rise, they can only say with a smile that they have missed; (2) the profit of seven or eight points has been swept away because of greed, but the profit has been reduced, and the smile can not come out. It’s not surprising that you can always find people who are long at the beginning in a bull market, and those who are empty at the beginning in a bear market. They always make accurate judgments at the right time, but in terms of profits, they are surprisingly few. That is to say, if you don’t stick to the position until the end, you can get off the bus ahead of time, and you will not make any profit To excessive profits, that is to say, the general trend and position of the stick to do, you can make a lot of money. It is necessary for every trader who wants to make money to establish a good investment policy, refuse excessive trading, and stick to the general trend.

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