Why Holland Burger King has support bitcoin payment?

Why Holland Burger King has support bitcoin payment?

Holland will build the blockchain park on September. The park will block chain and banks and financial companies, the common development of blockchain application, to complete the payment, the financial sector has become more widely.

According to the Holland publication Volkskrant, in early September 2016, the Minister of Finance and social affairs WillemVermeend in Holland said that Holland will open the blockchain Park market. In the block chain Park, development and application in banking and finance and Fintech will work together to blockchain solutions.

Vermeend will take the lead in working on new park called. The former politician Vermeend Fintech actively promote innovation and reform. It is worth noting that earlier this year, Vermeend was named the Fintech Government Liaison ambassador. Vermeend is responsible for Fintech company and government supervision departments, responsible for finding solutions for technology companies encounter problems in the financial sector. The role of Vermeend also shows that Holland Internet financial industry to create a good environment.

The intention of the new park does not necessarily mean the participation of banks and enterprises will choose the same distributed ledger. On the contrary, the blockchain park is under construction is between the enterprise and the bank will promote better sharing of information and knowledge, to study blockchain technology. The blockchain park is the new location has yet to be revealed.

Vermeend said:

Holland’s creativity is very strong, the problem is the twenty companies I talk to each other do not understand the development status of each chain block.

In addition, Vermeend also revealed that the Holland Ministry of finance that the potential of blockchain in the financial industry will achieve in the next few years.

Bitcoin and Internet Financial gathering

In the past few years, Holland and Arnhem as the country’s largest city, was the world’s most friendly city in honor of bitcoin.

Arnhem launched the first bitcoin supermarket at the end of 2014, which caused the attention of bitcoin enthusiasts. Soon, the vigorous development of bitcoin business.

Recently, we can see in the city of Arnhem, the local burger king has with the other more than 100 companies, will accept bitcoins as payment methods.

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