Why is Russia “inverse bitcoin” draft law may have defects

Why is Russia “inverse bitcoin” draft law may have defects

The block size argument has a clear maximum value of bitcoin users is accepted and the further development of bitcoin. The value of bitcoin seems to have gone beyond the bitcoin market alone. As many bitcoin experts (such as GavinAndresen) have noticed that in the argument block size so far, bitcoin may be in accordance with the original way to continue to exist, the only limit block size can affect the bitcoin is accepted and further development.

But according to their bitcoin growing rate of return of cognition, bitcoin users do not choose. The members of the community have noticed that their bitcoins will land on the moon, which means that its prices will skyrocket. Notorious repute bitcoin simulation community, Buttcoin, is also the founder of the vote in favor of not only red Di community, simulation of bitcoin lunar landing approach.

The price of bitcoin income will increase based on this expectation has created a blind spot for bitcoin users, and did not play the role of promoting bitcoin harmonious living.

Accept and further development of bitcoin is how to become so important? In fact predates the bitcoin community. Civilization has always will continue to expand, especially in the modern world. With the continuing education from a long historical process, we also are taught to progress to the development of the.

Continued expansion and development and not work system. Compared with the massive popularity of anarchy, more common in our daily life. 这就是自然世界的本质,事实上我们只是自然世界的一部分。 Modern evolutionists do not believe that natural selection is the only process of evolution. Instead, they have accepted this view of “anarchy” which plays a bigger role.

It is because of the lack of understanding of anarchy on reality, it causes the so-called bitcoin users will feel with bitcoin development they want not uncomfortable. They want to receive and not constrained the development of bitcoin. This is completely unrealistic proposition, especially from the industry, to a great extent by the original bitcoin, and claims third party intermediaries in bitcoin experimental non programmer.

Bitcoin industry should better accept the nature of reality; whether it is chaotic, unpredictable or unfair. If they do, they focus on bitcoin will be accepted and continuous development.

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