WikiLeaks: bitcoin donations have exceeded 4000BTC

WikiLeaks: bitcoin donations have exceeded 4000BTC

Bitcoin to the center of the property that is independent of traditional banking and payment system. This leads to the WikiLeaks accepted encryption currency payment as the main way to donate on its website. The whistleblower website created by Julian Assange have been released some invisible government information, so it will affect their use of bank services.

A few years ago, PayPal and Valitor credit card payment service provider had a brief stop providing services and once to freeze the accounts platform to wikileaks. Since June 15, 2011, Wikileaks began to accept bitcoin donations. As of yesterday, the WikiLeaks bitcoin wallet account received bitcoin success beyond 4000BTC, worth about $2 million 900 thousand.

WikiLeaks donations wallet address display transaction for a total of 25480 pen, the average transaction size of $114. In addition to bitcoin, Wikileaks is accepted by credit card, PayPal, Wright currency, Google Checkout, Cheques and bank transfer to make donations. All donations to WikiLeaks received are used to finance infrastructure, in order to maintain the online platform. In addition to the server and other costs, these funds have also been used for WikiLeaks personnel to pay salaries, including A-Sun qi.

In addition to the four or five person, Wikileaks is that most people are free to work. In many cases, Wikileaks has been open a large number of confidential documents and leaked documents, disclosure of government organization, the military, politicians and even sometimes some of the enterprise activities.

Wikileaks has bravely as democracy and freedom of the media spokesperson, also disclosed some important evidence that the government’s dictatorship and suspicious activities, which may have a profound impact on the political, diplomatic and military relations. With Wikileaks constantly uncover the dirty secret, the owner of the platform has become the target of sanctions. Assange is currently in Ecuador Embassy in the UK for asylum, trial to protect themselves to be extradited to the United states.

As long as there is bitcoin and other encryption currency, like WikiLeaks would have been such a platform for government agencies have a certain immunity hegemony.

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