Will bitcoin continue to soar in the future?

Bitcoin is a word that I believe you are familiar with at present. From a few years ago, it has been continuously exporting heat. To the recent boom, many people have seen the opportunity to become rich overnight. Some people even get on the bus temporarily and enter the mining army. However, do you think you will really make money? Will the people who fry money around you make money all the time Denial, every era will give birth to an emerging thing. Its emergence is inseparable from the special background and special conditions of the times. Bitcoin continues to rise from the beginning of the epidemic to the present. In fact, we all know that it is abnormal. Do you know what his demand is, why it has been rising, and what is the reason for the rise? Do you know that you are blindly joining the team, do you think you will make money. First of all, there are a small number of people who make money in every industry. Even if you know the industry clearly, if you start to do it, you may fail to invest. Moreover, you only know one or two of them, which can be said to be completely unfamiliar to you. It is good to have the courage to invest, but I think most people’s psychology in bitcoin investment may be described in one word It’s gambling. Gambling that it will continue to rise, gambling can continue to dig up money, bet oneself can become rich, even bet on the family life. The investment in bitcoin lost 20 million yuan, and the Dalian family committed suicide by jumping into the sea. The following is a news report: Recently, the “6.18 star Bay Bridge, a family of three jumping bridge” event has made the latest progress. On December 16, Zheng Xiaowei, the defendant, was charged with “illegally depriving another person’s life, causing one person’s death and suspected of intentional homicide” for attempted suicide after deliberately killing his three-year-old daughter. In mid June, Zheng, a Dalian man, lost more than 20 million yuan due to his failure to speculate in bitcoin. When he was in despair, Zheng thought of suicide. After his wife’s bitter persuasion failed, he decided to “go with the family of three.”. On the evening of June 17, Zheng went to the drugstore to buy sleeping pills, and his wife gave it to her 3-year-old daughter. When her daughter fell asleep, Zheng went to her bed with a sharp knife. Looking at the child’s sleeping face, Zheng felt extremely struggling. He first stabbed the doll beside his daughter. After hesitating for a long time, he finally stabbed his daughter’s artery. After the child’s death, Zheng and his wife wrapped her body in a towel quilt, left a written suicide note, and drove to Dalian Xinghai Bay Bridge. After throwing the daughter’s body down the bridge, they committed suicide together. As a result, his daughter died and his wife died, but Zheng survived because he fell on the pier base. On the day of the trial, Zheng said that he was a freelancer and had been making money through “playing finance” since he graduated from university. The most popular bitcoin is his main investment project. Since speculation, he has made a lot of money, worth tens of millions. Originally, the family was happy and the life was rich. However, a moment of greed, but let him usher in a disaster. In those days, bitcoin fluctuated around 10% every day, and the pleasure of instant wealth made Zheng more and more depressed. Even after the heavy losses, he still believed that he could reverse the wind. In order to recover the loss as soon as possible, he used capital leverage to participate in speculation. As a result, at the beginning of June, it had already lost more than 20 million yuan. According to Zheng, in addition to his own savings for many years, there are four million yuan from his parents, 500000 yuan from his father-in-law, and money borrowed from relatives and friends Originally, they had no worries about food and clothing, but now they are heavily in debt and their families are ruined because of the increase of leverage to speculate in currency. At the scene of the trial, Zheng wanted to die. He stated to the judge: “I made the idea of killing children.” “Although my wife committed suicide, she also died because of me.” “Ask the court to sentence me to death.” The case was not adjudicated in court. But in the hearts of the people there is a verdict. The root of all things is “greed”. Buddhism talks about the common mind. All beings are equal. If you pay special attention to some things, some things are beyond the ordinary mind, you will have some desires. When you see something you like and want to take it for yourself, you will be “greedy”. But it is this kind of greed that leads to this tragic result. So, do you really know about bitcoin? Do you really think you know bitcoin better than a person who has been playing finance? Don’t listen to the so-called big guy’s explanation or search some videos on the Internet. You think you can make money by directly investing in bitcoin. You need to understand your ability, your cognition and whether you can control this thing. There is also a recent report: on the evening of February 8, Beijing time, Tesla submitted a document to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States: “in January 2021, we updated our investment policy, which has been formally approved by the audit committee of the board of directors. We may invest some of our cash in certain alternative reserve assets, including digital assets, gold, gold ETFs and other assets Production. Since then, we have invested a total of US $1.5 billion against the special currency under this policy, and may acquire and hold digital assets for a long time. ” Among the CEOs of technology companies, musk is one of them who looks at bitcoin. At the end of January, he changed his signature on social media to bitcoin. However, no one expected that Tesla, an electric car manufacturer whose CEO he was, would really buy bitcoin. Musk was not a big money maker before, but now, this unconventional richest man in the world has more influence on the currency circle than anyone else. Although musk is a late comer to digital currency, recently, musk has almost become the “propaganda ambassador” of digital currency. In addition to bitcoin, musk also brought dogecoin. In the past month, musk has posted nearly 10 tweets about dog coin, and he also called “dog coin is the digital currency that truly belongs to the people!” After seeing this news, did the people in the currency circle beat the chicken blood again when they saw the news? Did they carry out a wave of publicity and packaging according to the news, and developed the offline Xiaobai? Recently, a very popular word is called “cut leek”. I think the understanding of this sentence may be different from each other, but the general meaning should be the same. Every industry and every industry has no exception It’s not as beautiful as we think. It’s always a small number of people who control the lifeblood of every industry. As ordinary people, you and I will never know what they are doing. Therefore, there will never be a standard answer for the real purpose of bitcoin speculation. However, you can be sure that it is the leek to be cut. 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