Will the price peak after the half-life of bitcoin (BTC) in October 2021?

The historical data of bitcoin’s half-life is an important factor in determining the time of peak price. Rekt capital focuses on the trend of peaking and bottoming in about the same period around the half-life and forecasts that the current market cycle will peak in October 2021. Bitcoin trend bitcoin peaked at $2378 before its first half-life and rose nearly 9900%, reaching the top of the cycle of $1174 in 364 days. Bitcoin trend bitcoin hit a bottom of $164 in the 546 days before its second half-life, and rose 4080% in the 518 days after it reached the top of its $20000 cycle. Bitcoin trend chart applies past trends to the third half-life (May 11, 2020). Bitcoin bottomed 511 days before its half-life and rebounded to $3152. In this case, the cycle peak may reach in early October 2021, which is 511 days after the fact. Analysts believe that bitcoin’s rarity will continue to increase its value. A typical “stock to flow (S2F) model” has a bitcoin target price of $100000 at the end of 2021. Bitcoin has broken through an all-time high of $20000 and is in the “price discovery” mode because there is no upward resistance. According to santiment, the number of whales with 1000-10000 BTC has increased from 2024 in early January 2020 to 2172 in December 2020, further reducing BTC circulation.

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