With a small program to vote to fix the cell door, behind also uses block chain technology

 With a small program to vote to fix the cell door, behind also uses block chain technology

Every day we pay property fees, whether you are married or unmarried, rent or buy a house, have to pay property charges.

But money is used where? Do you know the residential parking fees, public rental fees, advertising fees revenue belongs to all the owners, the money where to go? The small road is broken, or to create a leisure, fitness center, counsel for two years, nor any person to repair, this time how to do? When you are dissatisfied with the Property Management Company, not as opaque and shirk responsibility, in addition, make complaints about complaints, what can be done?

Wuguan area pain points clear: transparent management, the owners helpless

Residential property management problems and behind the complex we may never thought. Micro public bank blockchain Wuguan project “you tube” responsible person to the daily planet Odaily:

First, the property management company funds management awareness is not opaque, the owners can not participate in the decision. The existing residential Property Management Company may be the annual property management fee purposes in the area of publicity, but not all owners can see, see can not verify the authenticity, knowingly false to rights.

Community property management pattern into responsibility system and salary system two. For example, a large property company is 40% of salary system, contract system 60%. The contract is the property management fee belong to property companies, property only requires a commitment to provide what services; the latter is only about 15% (specific proportion of the property owners and property management fees agreed) belongs to Property Management Company, the rest of the money to the owners and Property Management Company to decide how to use. Even in the contract, the community public benefits — small advertising fees and parking lot fees, belong to the owners of all. Unfortunately, previous owners do not know that this is their own money, there is no way to management.

“The contract is more simple, but the salary system is the direction of.” Micro public bank blockchain Wuguan project responsible person said. Obviously, the pay system can consider the needs of the owners, property companies can also prevent lavish expenses. However, the owners more convenient to participate in decision-making, they need to have the owners committee. Now most of the cell or not setting up the Commission, or after the establishment of difficult to implement effective management.

Second, housing maintenance fund is difficult to use. Some owners may not know, in fact, every community has a housing maintenance fund for housing repairs, there are two main sources: developers pre-sale funds should be deposited in this, the owners pay every month to make money is part of the fund. “The fund is the housing authority on behalf of the unified management, the establishment of the industry committee to go back to a certain limit.” China a first-tier cities public housing maintenance fund 160 billion, the cumulative history of support is less than 10 million.

The industry will require the owners to elect 5-11 people to become industry members, the industry itself is unable to open a bank account, only to the property. In reality, it may not have much funds to support. Furthermore, according to the national standard, the fund needs more than 2/3 owners in order to use the line, it is very difficult to collect the views of owners. This leads to a lot of the old district, a fire is difficult to meet the maintenance requirement.

 With a small program to vote to fix the cell door, behind also uses block chain technology

Micro focus Bank + Tencent tried to block Heiner chain solutions industry pain points

The root of these two problems can be attributed to two:

(1) the community public affairs decision-making line under low participation. Because of the difficulty to convene a meeting of owners to vote, it is difficult to set up industry or make important decisions; no industry, it is difficult to supervise the property management company, it is difficult to response to the needs of the owners.

Even in a first-tier cities, the establishment of the industry committee rate is only 40%. Around the housing construction bureau, the Ordinance amendment of property management, property industry to improve the formation rate, and let the street trying to industry group. Micro public bank Wuguan team responsible person told the daily planet Odaily, in order to allow the owners more convenient to vote, Beijing city launched a vote of the owners of APP, Shenzhen also made a public vote, many city government departments have launched the owners in the electronic voting system, but there is still difficult to reach customers in.

(2) no mature mechanism for Industry in the effective supervision of the use of funds. According to the existing law, the owners committee and the owners of the general assembly is not legal, unable to start building their own bank accounts, can only entrust property companies in the bottom, it is above the opaque problem with property companies can be replaced. Therefore, even if the industry’s community, the use of funds is also difficult to monitor. Shenzhen city plans to industry social credit card code, to open a bank account, to walk in front of the case.

In order to solve these problems, the Tencent to Heiner micro public bank cooperation, the property management project team based on FISCO BCOS platform, developed a set for all owners of the voting system and the representatives of the owners of money making system . The two platform can be used alone, can also be used together with the docking.

FISCO BCOS is the financial block chain alliance (referred to as chain alliance) working group developed the blockchain open-source open-source underlying technology platform, product design is mainly responsible for the micro public bank property management team.

Millions of Japanese live block chain application NetEase planet, copyright block chain field Anne shares, is the application case of FISCO BCOS, landing areas including banks, insurance, intellectual property protection, energy, medical, transportation, social services, government and other industries.

Lowering the voting threshold

The voting system is to replace the original owners of the ballot paper. The original no online vote to convene a general meeting of owners, the owners will need to apply to the industry, to go through the street after the Commissioner to supervise the entire process, the vote of the owners need to provide proof of real estate, acquisition of voting rights and weight.

Based on the owners voting system block chain, open up the housing construction bureau, Public Security Bureau and other departments, such as face recognition + add password authentication, the owners need to brush face recognition, through the comparison of public security information, determine the identity, and through the Bureau of housing or housing bureau (as the City and does not need to upload proof of real estate) to confirm the information, the certification of housing area, decided to vote weights, after verification will be issued a certificate, the owners can vote. Certificate binding mobile phone equipment fingerprint + WeChat account, either replace the need for re certification.

 With a small program to vote to fix the cell door, behind also uses block chain technology

The voting process, all business information will vote on the chain and synchronized to the intelligent nodes on the chain contracts specify the time, the minimum voting rate and the rate of execution conditions, automatically calculate the results after the voting, and publicity to all owners. If the OA system with the government will open up, you can directly transfer to government departments, which can be used as the basis of government affairs.

With the management of funds

The decision system for funds industry committee is like the escrow mechanism of traditional financial industry executives, not their own money to solve pain points.

The name of this system using the property of the company in any cooperative bank account, bank supervision is introduced, and each property we need after the industry committee approval (or owners vote), to prevent misappropriation of funds.

 With a small program to vote to fix the cell door, behind also uses block chain technology

The whole process of payment, approval and subsequent use of funds are recorded in the block chain, the owners can query and approval procedures. The replacement property, change the account, change the industry committee, will not affect the information recording and traceability.

The current financial decision system using an area of a chain structure, has landed in the Zhengzhou area and the use of Fukuzawa door, 8500 yuan residential maintenance system through the door. This chain of nodes including banks, property, Tencent (Haina property system provider) and the industry committee, hope for the future introduction of arbitration and the Bureau of housing, if the business will have a dispute with the property company, it can bring judicial arbitration directly. The voting system wants each city a chain, so the cost is lower, and the function is multiple city housing construction bureau reached a preliminary consensus, will be released in the future.

Let Wuguan companies more easily accept the supervision, how far?

Decision system based on block chain is very beautiful, but the first step is to let the user know how can then use this system?

Beijing and Shenzhen government has also done similar voting APP and the public number, but the card in the contact of the user.

This is to say the business Tencent haina. Tencent is a Tencent in 2017 launched the Heiner intelligence community integrated solutions, connecting property, residents, government, media and community service providers. Property companies can establish payment system, access permissions, push messages by using the WeChat public no.. The current user covering 35 City, more than 5000 quarters. The micro public bank development function module can be implanted in different property management system, including Tencent haina.

Access and payment is high frequency scene each user will use, is the best way to reach users. But these services provided by the property company, how to make the property company more easily accept the positive supervision?

Some property companies anxious owners lacking spirit of cooperation. The owners not to open, the industry can not be established, not their own money, the property companies can draw from the gray income. But the reality may not be so bad.

On the one hand, the government is more convenient to actively supervise property company standard operation. The industry also Quxianjiuguo, supervise the property company standard operation. Property management is a part of the community management, the property company owned by the original housing construction bureau after around the jurisdiction, in order to facilitate the management to the street below. “State prior to property management is an access system in recent years, in order to decentralization canceled, some city has introduced the rating system, needs of tenants for the property service grade. All departments can use block voting tool chain.”

On the one hand, the market competition will promote Wuguan companies become more standardized. When Property Management Company and owner conflicts, may also cause the property fee collection rate is low; sometimes even Property Management Company is not as, but because the tenants do not trust to be away, they are suffering. Micro public bank property management team responsible person said: “a lot of large property in sun do the work of the community, this is to the sustainable development of the business, on the other hand, the government can also meet more strict regulatory requirements, this tool can also give them the use of.”



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