With bitcoin blockchain spring, all positive attitude

With bitcoin blockchain spring, all positive attitude

Recently, bitcoin blockchain and has made new progress in the promotion.

Russia: love and hate

Russian bitcoin and block chain technology position called great contrast, it is worth studying. Although Russia did not see bitcoin, technology – block chain technology used by bitcoin is full of passion. But now the situation may have changed. With the Central Bank of Russia to take a step, accept block chain technology, the Russian State Duma Committee and anti-corruption department vice president AndreiLugovoi for comment more encryption currency brought hope to the future.

The news of the Central Bank of Russia said the analysis and assessment of emerging financial technology application possibilities of the working group is established the agency. The report also said, “the central bank set up a working group, aims to analyze the advanced technology and technology innovation in the financial market, several primary research objects including block chain technology, mobile technology, payment technology etc..”

Russia has always been bitcoin tough, but with the Ministry of finance has drafted the prohibition of the use of bitcoin, including all kinds of money substitutes, in contrast, has changed. AndreiLugovoi said, “at the beginning of 2016, after several meetings of the financial institutions and enterprises, the central bank is likely to begin to consider the legal and regulatory bitcoin bitcoin transactions, especially the P2P transaction and personal business hosting.” Russia is now a total of 200 thousand encryption currency users, ranking fifth in the world, so if the proposal is passed and implemented, the development of virtual currency in Russia will further.

Japan: or bitcoins for cash

Bitcoin development in Japan is very interesting. According to reports, the Japanese financial regulators will consider the bitcoin virtual currency such as the cash equivalent of the currency, which will strengthen consumer protection mechanism, the laying of a virtual economic development path. In Japan, bitcoin is still being treated as objects, not subject to the same treatment with other similar products.

According to the Nikkei news (Nikkei) reported that Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) is considering amendment bill, the bitcoin virtual currency such as the legalization of electronic currency “monetary function.” The proposal will be submitted to the ongoing Japanese parliament. This will make some virtual currency trading enterprises under control, virtual currency to promote a more secure mode.

Australia: bitcoin and blockchain

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission Chairman GregMedcraft recently mentioned in the speech chain block. He said: “this technology has changed the market and financial system fundamentally potential. Block chain is of great significance for our supervision.” The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and DigitalAssetHoldings crypto currency already established cooperative relations, will use block chain technology to solve for the Australian stock market development plan. In February this year, is located in Melbourne bitcoin mining enterprise BitcoinGroup listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, completed IPO, raising $4 million 200 thousand. This is the first bitcoin mining enterprises ipo.

In the financial sector, the blockchain is also used in politics. Bitcoin consultancy founded the new party Flux is trying to rewrite the political system using the currency block chain technology. The use of Flux block chain technology launched the modern voting system, the voting record can’t be more transparent, and facilitation of online voting. January this year, Flux submitted an application report to the Australian electoral commission plan, through this system selected six members.” Flux to their own position is open the redistribution of power. Once the Flux Flux is the candidate, as voters can directly influence parliament portal.” As of now, a total of 1238 registered users of Flux website.

South Korea: the introduction of chain block

According to the Korea Times reported that South Korea Securities Futures Exchange (KRX) using block chain technology, has launched the initial plan to establish the OTC platform. This new platform will bring the OTC market (OTC) buyers and sellers together, in the search for trading partners, reduce the cost of participation, so as to promote the exchange of.

Dubai: the establishment of global blockchain Committee

In order to promote innovation and development, using new technology in the world, the future of Dubai Museum Foundation recently announced the establishment of global blockchain committee. The future of Dubai Museum Foundation CEOAlAleeli said, “in 2015 increased by 56% through the block trading platform chain, which means great opportunities to optimize the significant growth in the use of this technology in related fields.” He also said that in the next four years, the blockchain global investment of up to $300 billion. The global blockchain committee will continue to explore the best way of using block chain technology, and its advantages and disadvantages, promote the development of the block chain and digital currency.

The European Parliament: virtual currency report released

A virtual currency report to the European Parliament a new draft stressed that the virtual currency and block chain technology can greatly reduce the transaction cost of funds transfer payment, etc., to make an important contribution to the consumer welfare and economic development; at the same time to improve the payment system speed and flexibility, can track record of transactions, to prevent illegal behavior.

This report is set up by the ledger technology special working group leader of the Council, to encourage important technical experts and professionals to support the supervision of relevant actors (including the European Union and its member states), to ensure timely, with the parties to the new opportunities and challenges to.

At the same time, the European Central Bank open to new technology, said the European Central Bank plans to evaluate the correlation between the block chain and ledger technology and payment, and mortgage securities trust banking.


比特币与区块链技术正在高速发展。 Banks and technology companies have dabbled in bitcoin and block chain technology in multiple projects; governments to make concessions on the premises to ensure the money laundering and other illegal activities, the financial system has been deep (or even extends to the financial industry) the major change has been converted to a more open attitude.

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