With bitcoin wages, the Japanese Internet giant GMO to promote the development of the virtual currency

With bitcoin wages, the Japanese Internet giant GMO to promote the development of the virtual currency

Japanese Internet giant GMO launched a new salary system, the company’s part of more than 4700 employees wages will be issued in the form of bitcoin.

Bitcoin salary system

GMO announced that, starting from February next year, will be part of the wages of employees is bitcoin. The company said in a statement, only the beginning of the GMO Internet subsidiary staff will receive wages in this form, but will gradually expand to the whole group. According to the company’s website, as of September this year, the number of full-time employees of the Internet subsidiary has reached 4710.

There are 42 subsidiaries of GMO group, including GMOCoins encryption currency company, and GMOClick – the world’s largest foreign exchange trading platform.

In order to promote bitcoin payment system, the company mentioned:

GMO Internet Group has decided to allow wages to bitcoin in the form of payment, to encourage employees to hold virtual currency.

Employees may receive bitcoin wages at 10 thousand yen (about 584 yuan) to 100 thousand yen (about 5836 yuan). The exchange rate in accordance with the GMOCoins exchange, each salary would be minus a certain number of bitcoins. Registered account in the exchange of the employees according to the payday day bitcoin exchange rate received.

To promote the development of encryption currency

After the May announced the launch of encryption currency trading platform, GMO in the September open mining plan. The next few years, the company plans to build a mine at the same time, research and development of mining chip 7Nm, 5nm and 3.5nm. In October, GMO announced the sale tokens form to sell 7Nm mining equipment.

The company said in a statement Monday:

At present the company’s mining business plan to start in January 2018.

Make a contribution to the development of GMO will be through the implementation of virtual currency within the group to the global virtual currency field.

In order to further strengthen the development of the virtual currency, virtual currency and employees to actively use it is necessary to learn the relevant knowledge.

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