With the soaring price of altcoin, bitcoin will anniversary price expanded to $3800

12 19, the emergence of new encryption currency markets continue to rebound, bitcoin prices hit $3800, leading bitcoin to recover recent losses.

From Cointelegraph’s own price index, CoinMarketCap and Coin360 data confirmed the continued rebound momentum began to rebound from Monday evening until Tuesday.

After a slight adjustment, according to the market value of the top 20 almost all assets began to rise, bitcoin / dollar to find support for $3750.

Last week, bitcoin prices fell to $3130, has warned that bitcoin will appear larger decline, may make bitcoin fell to $1300 or less.

As of press time, the transaction price of the largest encryption currency exchange for about $3830.

In the altcoin market, is the leading bitcoin cash market recovery. Previously, bitcoin decline than most currencies are now encrypted, bitcoin transaction price is far lower than the issuance price of August 2017.

Since Tuesday, bitcoin cash climbed two in market capitalization rankings, as of publication, the price of around $117, or 33% days.

Later, Waves goes beyond the bitcoin cash growth rate rose 59%, reaching $4.34, back in the top 20.

IOTA, TRON and Ripple’s performance is also impressive, respectively 20.5%, 18.5% and 13.9%.

Ethernet is surmounted by Ripple square in the former market value of the largest altcoin in the lowest level in 18 months, barely reached three figures.

In recent weeks, the etheric Fang seem highly vulnerable to bitcoin volatility effect. Nevertheless, at the time when the stock is still up more than 11%, to $104.

A year ago, bitcoin / dollar in some exchanges reached a record price of $20000 or more.

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