World Economic Forum to carry out air travel blockchain pilot

nWalkout commentary: At last week’s World Economic Forum annual meeting, the organization announced the prototype of a digital identity pilot project jointly developed with the government of Canada and the Dutch government, the blockchain is also one of the key technologies of the project. The goal is to enable travelers to gain control of their identity through distributed ledgers and improve the efficiency and security of their processes. As the number of international travelers continues to increase, the success of the project will greatly improve the current work in the area of ​​air travel.n
nTranslation: Inan
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is launching a digital identity pilot jointly with the Governments of Canada and the Netherlands, one of the priorities of the project.n
The Known Traveler Digital Identity project aims to improve the safety of international air travel using technologies such as blockchain and biometrics. Its prototype was developed in collaboration with Accenture, a professional services company, and appeared at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos last week.n
The project’s philosophy is to eliminate the need for a central database to give travelers greater control over their identity information. Travelers will rely on a “licensed distributed ledger,” which will transfer information such as the passenger’s background and where they’ve been.n
WEF said it will be able to pre-screen known travelers in different countries and promote a series of processes if it is fully utilized. At the same time, doing so may free up resources for other purposes.n
WEF notes that the number of international travelers will reach 1.8 billion by 2030. The growing number of such travelers means that people need more efficient processes.n
John Moavenzadeh, a member of the WEF Executive Board, said in a statement:n
n”Travelers can provide access to their validated personal biometrics, background, and historical travel data as they wish, so they can assist authorities in conducting risk assessments and pre-screening in advance: primarily to validate their identity and use the creature Measurement technology provides a secure, seamless move while traveling. “n
nFrom a report summarizing the project, it is not yet certain whether personal data will be stored directly on the blockchain.n

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