XChain-Realize Enterprise Data Value Realization with Blockchain Technology

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We are entering an era of big data, the data will likely replace the current physical assets, becoming the most valuable asset type in the future. No matter individual or business, small every minute and every person’s heartbeat and blood pressure, every spending, as large as the flow of funds between enterprises, every moment in the production of a large amount of data. As the Internet industry becomes more monopolized, more and more data is brought together into the hands of large Internet companies. They use controlled big data to continuously consolidate the leading position in the industry and further promote data monopoly. “Who owns the data, who can grasp the future.” Data, has become the focus of competition for major companies.n
As a small and medium-sized enterprise, the data owned by them is verticalized, highly specialized and of greater value. But at the same time, the problems of data decentralization, fragmentation and non-standardization are also very serious. All this has led to the fact that the value of data in the hands of small and medium-sized enterprises often can not be brought into full play.n
In response to the pain points of SMEs in data usage and value discovery, a luxury team of experts in data analysis and blockchain at home and abroad recently put forward a complete blockchain solution by creating a distributed Data Exchange System: SDEP, to help SMEs find the value of their own data. The project name is XChain.n
Data trading platform is not new, data trading platform through Internet technology is not uncommon, there are many teams have been trying to build a data trading platform through the blockchain.n
The data trading platform built by using blockchain technology can make the data trading process more open, fair and just so that the two parties can trust each other and make the data trading process more transparent and convenient, and can greatly reduce the data transaction intermediate cost .n
In addition, XChain also creatively put forward a “data sandbox mechanism”, through this mechanism to effectively solve the single-vendor data types or incomplete, or the problem of insufficient data volume.n
More importantly, creating “out of the box” data isolation sandboxes ensures data security in multiple data source collaboration and protects the rights of data asset providers.n
In addition, the common Internet data exchange platform solves the “one-to-one” data transaction, that is, the system sends a request to the seller according to the buyer’s task request, and the seller’s data is desensitized and sent to the buyer. The solution proposed by XChain can handle “one-to-many” data transactions, effectively guaranteeing the rights of all parties and data security during one-to-many data transactions.n
The traditional data transaction is the biggest problem of data security and privacy protection, XChain XID generalized encryption technology provides a solution to this problem.n
XID generalization principle draws on a common electronic identity (eid) technology, that is, the data is converted to the corresponding hash value, base64 encoding plus version number, user ID and reserved bits and other information. The logo has irreversible characteristics, and different users of the same data XID generalization results are different, even if the data loss will not cause information leakage.n
The project consultant team in addition to the founder of Manzi Fund, Mr. Xue Manzi as a strategic consultant, but also includes Thunder’s former CTO Li Jinbo, blockchain security authority expert Sead Muftic, AMC Asset Management and Senior Vice President Alan Xu and many others Internet, blockchain and capital management company heavyweights.n
The era of data king has already begun, and artificial intelligence will change the world. Standing at the entrance of this new world, whether SMEs can effectively use data to enhance their competitiveness is likely to become the key factor in determining the fate of enterprises. By using blockchain technology, XChain provides a secure, efficient and equal platform for data transactions between enterprises, helping SMEs discover the value of data, enabling data to serve the enterprise and boosting the power of enterprises to utilize datan
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