Yelun hearings encounter unidentified men holding “buy Bitcoin” slogan steal the spotlight

nnnJanet Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve’s House of Representatives Financial Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, photographed a slogan behind a man who bought “Buy Bitcoin”. Although the unidentified man was immediately taken out of the hearing room, but the episode did have an impact on the price of special currency, making it a slight increase. However, what is the prospect of Bitcoin, it is not yet asserted.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAn unidentified man held a slogan of “Buy Bitcoin” at the House Financial Services Committee hearing at the Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen on Wednesday.n
nAccording to CoinDesk reported that as of 2:27 pm EST, Bitcoin then rose 3.7% to $ 2418.46.n
nThe identity of the unidentified bidder’s move was photographed by the television, and then was invited out of the hearing room. This act violates the provisions of the House Committee. The committee staff told CNBC that they did not know the man’s identity.n
nBitcoin does not need free advertising, and its price has more than doubled this year, making people worry that it has entered the bubble stage.n
nYelun reported to Congress at the Federal Reserve’s half-year hearing on monetary policy and economic conditions.n
nTom Lee, of Fundstrat, said in a note on Friday that the central bank might one day choose a digital currency like Bitcoin. He was the first Wall Street strategist to report on digital money.n
nYelun did not comment on the digital currency at the hearing.n

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