Yi Tian said: bitcoin is still bullish, but it has to open up today. Do you know why?

On Wednesday, December 23, 2020, the ninth day of November of the lunar calendar, Hello, I am your old friend Yi Tian. Focus on exploring the market trend from the perspective of K-line shape, analyze the market trend, have a clear point of view, and strive to pass the most valuable currency market information for the majority of currency friends. It’s 12 / 23 at 9:42 a.m., and the article is being written ******************Bitcoin trust of grayscale investment increased its holdings of 12318 bitcoins on December 22. Up to now, the total position of gray bitcoin has exceeded 500000, reaching 588968. In December, the total holding of bitcoin trust increased by more than 53000 in December and 56000 in November. Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly in recent days. After breaking through the 24000 level, it didn’t stay too long. This reminds Yi Tian of how similar it was when bitcoin broke through 12000 in August. After the opening of trading on Monday the day before yesterday, the market rose all the way and broke through 24000 again, but in the afternoon, it dived more than 2000 points directly, reaching the lowest near 21906 line However, in less than 2 days, bitcoin again hit the 24000 level, and now it will call back later. The bitcoin quotation is around 23740! From the 4-hour chart, at present, the boll channel is still running parallel and forward. At present, the market is running in the middle and upper track area of boll, and each moving average system has raised its head and arranged in multiple positions, forming various levels of support positions below bitcoin; the short position energy of MACD, a subsidiary index below, has gradually shrunk and has a tendency to turn into a bull, but the KDJ index is still heading downward, showing signs of dead cross; The lower levels of support are (23450 / 23300 / 23150); According to the hour chart, the short trend is very obvious. After bitcoin market surged, it encountered pressure at boll upper rail, and now it has begun to bear pressure and fall; the lower support position is at the bond between Boll middle rail and each moving average (23300); the energy of MACD bull begins to shrink, and the fast and slow lines have begun to hook downward, and the third line of KDJ forms a dead fork and diverges downward; comprehensive analysis: yitianren Because the general trend of bitcoin is still unchanged, it is still bullish. However, in the short term today, bitcoin has strong short demand. It can be seen that Yi Tian thinks that bitcoin will take a wave of callback in the daytime, and then start to attack and continue to break the new high! Yi Tian’s message: in the investment, some things are better, but they may not be suitable for them. The best thing is the experience from actual combat. When the ship capsizes, it is too late to rely on the call for help. Those who can get the rescue time can either splash or stay close to the lifebuoy. Only half of them are lucky. Not everyone is lucky. Article / original / contribution (2020 / 12 / 23 10:24) Yitian said that every analysis article should be carefully written, with distinctive features, without affectation and exaggeration! This material is for learning reference only. It does not constitute a sale suggestion. You may buy and sell it at your own risk! That’s all for today. I’ll see you in the next article!

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